Technology Of The Future Essay Examples

Technology Of The Future Essay Examples

When one is asked regarding the many possible solutions that can be done in reducing the effects of climate change, one many respond with a variety of solutions that has something to do with “emission reduction” and “alternative energy”. These answers are correct and may help in reducing the effects of global warming around the globe. However, is reduction and alternative energy the only solution that individuals and governments would endorse to end global warming? The article “Creating the Future” tells readers solutions that could help rehabilitate the environment for the future generation. Most of the programs listed in the article have already been implemented by the United Nations and it has slowly made progress.

Although it was not properly sorted out in terms on how long these solutions would run, the article listed short-term and long-term solutions that would help rehabilitate the planet. The short-term solutions comprised human re-education on environmental importance and climate change implications to society and a change in human lifestyle and perception on health. Another short-term solution noted is conditioning the younger generation on how they perceive the environment and its importance.Technology Of The Future Essay Examples Considering all the factors that have contributed to the current state of the planet since the first signs of climate change have been detected, human activity ranked number one as the main reason climate change exists. The article explains that although humans are aware on the effects development would bring to the planet, they sometimes do not understand the long-term implications that it would cause to the planet. Some professors nowadays create exercises that would require students to understand the implications of their selected topics and create awareness in their minds. If there is a proper understanding about how important human activity would do in the environment, the reduction of human waste and negligence would help authorities in introducing their environmental advocacies properly.


In terms of the long-term solutions listed in the article, some of them are already implemented as part of the global campaign of the United Nations in solving the problem of climate change. Programs such as the Anti-Desertification and Tropical Forestry Action Plan are discussed as it threatens both the Earth’s land surface and the ecosystem of most species, including people. Discussions regarding a Climate Change and Global Change Programme are also explained in the article and how it would help in reducing global emission levels and changes over the next few years. The article also noted changes in energy policies and agricultural practices considering that the world uses harmful substances and chemicals that are proven to be destructive to the environment. However, this may be quite a challenge considering the age-old history on these practices. The article cites that there must also be a concept of peace and security to ensure the success of combatting climate change. With each country agreeing to settle their differences diplomatically and without the use of nuclear weaponry, a concrete position on how to end the threat of climate change may be created which would be fair for each country part of the project.

Discuss the many advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine. Should telemedicine be promoted for future healthcare services? What are your conclusions?Technology Of The Future Essay Examples

Telemedicine is normally considered the improved version of easy-to-access healthcare through the use of computers and other similar types of service. There have been many notable definitions of telemedicine, as noted by Sarhan (2009), each explaining how people could openly access medical services and how practitioners can exchange medical information. Sarhan cites that telemedicine should not be noted as a new medicine given that it is only an alternative medium on how patients can have access to medical experts. There are many levels of telemedicine that correspond to a particular application such as the use of emails in transferring medical data for level 1 to researching other forms of technology that can aid in medical care for level 4. These levels are also different in each country as it may depend on the country’s current medical focus.

There are many benefits that a patient or a medical practitioner can have if telemedicine is to be implemented. The first benefit is the ability of telemedicine in providing medical practitioners a medium in monitoring their patient’s health even if they are in another country. Patients would be able to receive advice and assess the needs they would require without travelling a long mile just to ask their doctors. Studies have proven the capability of telemedicine in providing medical services and reduction of costs in maintaining the program. Patients have commented that telemedicine is another way for them to continue following their programs as their doctors are closely monitoring their progress.Technology Of The Future Essay Examples Patients who have joined in the study also stated that telemarketing enabled them to save the money they could have used for travel expenses and other expenditure while going to the hospital to see their respective doctors. Doctors and other medical practitioners noted that telemedicine would be beneficial for communities that have no access to healthcare services. Telemedicine also enables doctors to immediately refer their patients to specialists should their patients need a more specific type of care.

Although the advantages of telemedicine could be very beneficial for all, there are still disadvantages that may raise concern. Maheu (2001) noted that telemedicine may be costly as retraining of medical practitioners would be required for them to fully understand the use the telemedicine program. There are also restrictions and additional actions that would have to be taken into account by practitioners such as the policies that would require a limit on how much telemedicine can be used, how to maintain confidentiality and how to prevent others from accessing the system to administer unrequired programs to a particular program. It is also cited that it may induce a rift between the relationship of the patient and the medical practitioner as they may not be able to feel the benefits of telemedicine. Some patients may not be able to fully express their needs to their doctors while in front of the computer and some doctors may not fully understand the program used for telemedicine.Technology Of The Future Essay Examples

On a personal note, telemedicine would be a breakthrough in healthcare and must be developed to cater to each community that would require health care assistance. I believe that developing countries would benefit the most if telemedicine would be promoted and applied in their communities as most communities may have problems travelling to the city just to have medical attention from experts. It may also even be the best way they could seek medical assistance given their financial capacity. Promoting its use for the future may also bring good tidings to those who believe that universal health care may be achieved with the use of telemedicine.Technology Of The Future Essay Examples