Technology In Healthcare Essay

Technology In Healthcare Essay

The second case study will focus on technology in healthcare. For this paper the student will identify an improvement in healthcare as a result of a technological advancement (preferably an advancement that has occurred in the past 12 months) and prepare a case study that will focus on the following areas: Technology In Healthcare Essay


– What is the technology
– What area of healthcare did this impact

– Is this new technology or updated technology

– Who benefited from this advancement

– What issues were raised as a result of this technology

This case study will be prepared in APA format including double spacing and references. The grading rubric is listed below and should be referenced when conducting your research and preparing your paper. Students are encouraged to present your potential topics prior to starting your research. Technology In Healthcare Essay

Case study 2 is due 11/12/19

Case Study Evaluation Rubric
Exemplary (4) Competent (3) Satisfactory (2) Needs Improvement (1) Points
Description of Technology Technology is fully described, identified and explained Technology is described is identified, but not fully explained Technology is minimally described Technology is not factually identified
Affected Parties Directly- and indirectly-affected parties are identified and described, including groups, classes, populations Directly or indirectly affected parties are identified and described, but not both. Includes groups, classes, or populations Affected parties are minimally identified. No groups, classes, or populations identified Affected parties not identified  Technology In Healthcare Essay
Need for Technology All factors impacting decision are identified and described, including relevant healthcare needs, financial, and political influences Some factors impacting decision are identified. Relevant healthcare needs and financial or political influences are included Factors impacting decision are minimally identified. No healthcare needs, financial, and political influences included Factors impacting need for technology are not identified
Alternative Methods Other methods for addressing healthcare need are identified and their potential benefits and consequences are described Other methods for addressing healthcare need are identified. Potential benefits or consequences are described, but not both Other methods for addressing healthcare need identified, but no potential benefits or consequences discussed Other methods for addressing healthcare need are not identified
Analysis Clearly presents technology. Demonstrates full understanding healthcare application. Clearly presents technology or demonstrates full understanding healthcare application, but not both Presents technology, but does not demonstrate full understanding healthcare application Does not present in a clear and comprehensive manner. Does not demonstrate full understanding healthcare application.  Technology In Healthcare Essay
Writing Style Few or no errors in grammar, syntax, word choice or usage Some grammar or usage errors but meaning is generally well conveyed Some grammar or usage errors but meaning is somewhat discernible Grammar or usage errors interfere with understanding

That is for certain. However, the shift to technological solutions won’t necessarily mean a decrease in the quality of the visit. More doctors will continue to use technology to drive their treatment methods, but overall it is up to the doctor to make a connection with the patient as the customer relations part of the job. In fact, I feel it will be more about customer relations than the actual treatment once technology has been fully developed. Doctors will spend less time writing down and crunching numbers on the computer and focus more on interacting with the patient and utilizing technology to drive a diagnosis and treatment. Technology will also make diagnosis more transparent as medical imaging devices will make things more visible to both the patient  Technology In Healthcare Essay
Budgeting and analysis can be used to efficiently allocate supplies and funds, and the actual trial data can be run through information systems in order to analyze the data from a bird’s eye view and make decisions on its development. The impact of this is likely to be decreased costs for the consumer for drugs and medical products.

IV. Recommended plans for the adoption of technology in healthcare organizations As mentioned above, there are likely to be some growing pains in the adoption of technology in the healthcare industry. Doctors will likely have a hard time with the shift to more technological means, and their staff will also likely suffer the same hardships. Ensuring a proper plan to implement a technological solution in a healthcare organization is therefore essential, and ensuring a smooth transition so that the customer is not affected in the process. Therefore, the following are my recommendations for a smooth transition: Technology In Healthcare Essay

1. Identify the technological solution to implement, and assess what modules of the business this will …show more content…
Right now, there is increasing shift towards using technology to speed up services delivery and management of services. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, there will be an ever-increasing shift towards technological means.

The key to implementing technology in any healthcare organization is a change management plan that gets everyone up to speed before the actual technology is implemented, and the communication of this change to all stakeholders involved. Once the change is communicated, steps will need to be taken to ensure training of resources and integration of the technology in the business practices. Technology In Healthcare Essay

In terms of using technology in the healthcare industry, technology will always continue to impact healthcare in development of products and delivery of services. Technology is always going to be used to develop the Healthcare organizations need to focus on change management and integration of technology rather than just implementation.

Technology is considered to be the driving force behind improvements in healthcare”(UIC). Technology has caused tremendous changes throughout society, but the majority of those changes have been in the medical field. Changes ranges from making patient care much more efficient and providing a faster service for everyone, research done from the University of Chicago describes that with the improvements of technology patients can expect to receive a high level care (UIC 2). Technology advancements has affected the medical field in a positively way.Technology In Healthcare Essay

Advancements in technology has had such a great impact in healthcare because of its many useful ways its helped people. (Background info not done)

First, having had technology around us for a very long time has improved the quality of life for various of people around the world. Not only has it helped make people’s lives much easier by providing faster ways to accomplish tasks and allowing health care providers to keep data confidential for patients, but it can benefit people and their doctors relationship. . According to an article “The healthcare industry has not shied away from the hi-tech revolution and embraced the transformation with open arms Technology In Healthcare Essay

This is a position paper based on the given topic. It contains the author’s opinion on the impact of technology on healthcare services. The paper also discusses how technology has changed the education and labor requirements for the healthcare sector. Technology In Healthcare Essay
Health care is among the sectors that lack sufficiency pertaining to adoption of technology and its utility. The turbulent healthcare market has been inundated by increased patient demands, declining margins, constant revisions of the current laws and restrictive laws.

The healthcare sector is increasingly viewing IT as a basic asset in the provision of decision support and health related services, as well as managing the increasing costs of health care. Advancement in technology has influenced the manufacture, distribution, and even administration of healthcare equipments and medicine. Technology In Healthcare Essay

The medical world is now full of machines and bioengineered equipments that require a certain degree of technological proficiency to operate. Moreover, technology has also empowered customers to seek and access their healthcare rights and information. Customers can now use current technology to assess the credentials of medical practitioners.

Negligence and errors in medical treatment that were witnessed before the inception of modern technology have reduced. With this hint in mind, there is a need for research on the impact that technological advancement has had on healthcare. Besides, there is a call for further research on how such technological changes have altered healthcare education and labor requirements in the health sector. Technology In Healthcare Essay

The paper therefore provides a framework/plan for a case study final paper on this subject with four chapters each providing a detailed scrutiny of the issue under study. Primary sources such as statistical findings on the subject will be used in the research. Archival documents such as reports, government publications, responses, and reflections on the subject from different stakeholders will also be used. Technology In Healthcare Essay

Technology and the Cost of Health care
Technology has enabled healthcare professionals to treat critical diseases but at the same time the cost of such treatments has increased, making it out of reach for most of the patients. The concerned departments do provide subsidy for the costly technology but that too is for a limited period and only for select technologies.

The first chapter will involve a literature search on the impact of technological changes on the cost of health care. Owing to the adoption of new technological methods of treatment, the cost of healthcare has also risen in the past few years. In this chapter, the impact of technology on the healthcare financing will be evaluated using relevant literature, detailing the same. Technology In Healthcare Essay

Medical technology is expensive and hence today the cost of medicine and medical services has risen. Modern technology has also been credited with the current increased level of accuracy in medical treatment. Cannon (2000), in his literary work, provides details of the various ways that technology has aided in the compliance to medication for mental health patients.

Nagykaldi and Mold (2007) evaluated the role of health information technology on the translation of research into practice, and managed to capture some of the limitations, with cost being a major factor. Teich et al. (2000) also duplicated the findings, with their study showing that cost limits the adoption of basic medical technologies. According to Galas and Hood (2009), medical schools and other health institutions also find it expensive to adapt to new technologies. Technology In Healthcare Essay


Growth and development in the health care sector
This chapter will highlight some of the important milestones in the health sector in relation to health technology. Cannon and Allen (2000) state its usefulness in the medication compliance. However, with the increased medical technology development, the government has to do higher spending in the health sector (Bardhan & Thouin, 2012, 443).

The benefits of the spending will be weighed against the efficacy of the technology in this chapter. Chaudhry et al. (2006) evaluated the benefits over a ten-year period, with benefits being weighed against the costs of technology in healthcare. Technology In Healthcare Essay

The growth in the industry will be evaluated in terms of mechanization and in the solid facilities housing the machines. According to Haddad (2012), these have also seen significant developments. The study by Nagykaldi and Mold (2007) will be important in this chapter to highlight technological developments.

Impacts of the current technology on health education and labor requirements Technology In Healthcare Essay
Information technology can have a great impact on the variety of jobs and their necessity. As is understood, new technology needs appropriate knowledge. The healthcare employees who can adapt to the change will continue and those who can’t will be eliminated. New technology has even changed the approach of the patients. Patients now prefer to contact the doctors via emails.

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This has reduced the regular visits by patients to healthcare centers. Obviously, this aspect has reduced the need of more healthcare employees. Cannon and Allen (2000) detail some of the changes in the industry, especially in the dispensing of drugs. Technology In Healthcare Essay

This chapter will deal with the relevance of technological advances in the health sector to the labor requirements and in health education. Modern technology and medical informatics are quickly taking over some of the traditional roles that were played by medical practitioners (Korzep, 2010, p. 354). Technology In Healthcare Essay

Despite the developments in the health technology, the medical practitioners remain the primary healthcare providers. Machines will not replace them any time soon. However, mechanization has led to the reduction in the number of personnel required to perform certain procedures as evidenced in some of the literary works to be reviewed (Nagykaldi & Mold, 2007; Haddad, 2012).

This will be discussed in this chapter in relation to the labor laws. Well-documented health records on computers are quickly replacing the period of bad handwriting of doctors (Dhillon, 2011, 397). Technology In Healthcare Essay

Sustainability of Health technology
There have been ongoing discussions on whether the investment done by healthcare centers on new technology is necessary and whether the new technology will be able to sustain itself. It is understood that initially, such new technologies might receive subsidies from charity organizations or the government. Sustenance in healthcare means that with time any particular machinery becomes self sufficient (doesn’t need any external aid or grant).

In this chapter, an evaluation of the sustainability of the existing health technology will be evaluated. Over time, smaller, better, and more sophisticated machines have always replaced most of the technological innovations in different fields. The health industry is no exception. Researchers are always looking for better interventions (Chaudhry et al., 2006).

In this section, a review of the likely changes will be done. Some of these are available in the recommendations of the researches that will be reviewed (Cannon and Allen, 2000; Haddad, 2012). In their research, Nagykaldi and Mold (2007) state that technology is dynamic and will change in line with the prevailing innovations. The sustainability of such changes and the existing technological milestones will therefore be reviewed in this section. Technology In Healthcare Essay

Counter arguments
It may be argued that while adoption of new technology has improved medical treatment, it has also increased the cost. Another drawback of new technology is the reduction in the job opportunities. The new technology also needs adequate training that again involves cost and time. Specialized personnel are required to handle such technology. A small mistake in handling such technology might be disastrous. So there are both pros and cons of technology. Technology In Healthcare Essay