Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.


Healthcare continually faces the challenge of the need for more health professionals. According to research conducted by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it revealed that it has become hard to fill full-time positions and roles for high-skilled medical positions such as doctors, specialists, and nurses (Call& Sullivan, 2020). Further, human resource professionals in healthcare highlighted that their biggest challenge in filling those roles is, low number of applicants. Moreover, experts predicted that the healthcare talent shortage will continue to rise in the coming years.


Based on a survey conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), showed that the United States is likely to face a nurse and physician shortage(Call& Sullivan, 2020). The reason stated for this deficit goes beyond the retirement of baby boomers. Essentially, replacing the retiring physics with the millennials will a toll order since the millennials are still in their mid-thirties and it normally takes eleven to fourteen years of higher education for one to become a physician. Similarly, many physicians do not encourage young people to enter the field due to the challenges faced in the profession such as lack of work-life balance and burnout.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

External/Internal Driving Forces

As earlier mentioned, healthcare recruitment has become a challenge not only in the sector but also an issue in the broader public consciousness. The problem is that dire that suggestions have been made to offer the green light for paramedics, nurses and pharmacists to be trained to relieve and fill in for doctors (Dalayga& Baskaran,.2019). There are several factors both internal and external that contribute to this shortage. Unfortunately, the government initiatives created to ease the problem are yet to become successful.  Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

One of the internal factors that can be blamed for this shortage is poor planning. It has been noted and highlighted by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies(APSCo) that the recruiting agencies are normally not invited to participate and engage on the issue in a meaningful capacity(Dalayga& Baskaran,.2019). Evidently, there is a need to understand that cooperation is key among all the stakeholders to help mitigate the staffing crisis. Studies suggest that agency price caps are not making strides in easing the cost pressures that the healthcare is facing, retraining other medical staff to take other duties conventionally assigned to doctors as an option to explore in the short-term (Dolezel& McLeod,.2019).  However, experts have warned against that as a solution and have proposed immediate action by decision-makers to offer further insight in solving these complexities of staffing issues.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

Stakeholders Involved

Patient safety is a critical and essential component of quality and effective nursing care. However, the nation’s health care system is subject to errors and such mishaps can be dangerous to safe patient care(Dolezel& McLeod,.2019). Therefore, several stakeholders are responsible for ensuring is efficiently and safely delivered and that patients are not put at risk. It is important to understand that these stakeholders play a crucial role in addressing the patient’s safety in the situation of the nursing shortage(Dolezel& McLeod,.2019). Some of these stakeholders include society, governments, accrediting agencies, patients, government, legislative bodies, administrators, researchers, professional associations, and educators.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

The shortage of nurses is endangering the quality of nursing care, places the patients at risk, and has the propensity to undermine the healthcare industry (Domingo,.2020). Society in general has a key role to play in helping alleviate the challenge of talent shortage in healthcare. For example, proposing people from other countries to be employed, encouraging young people to take up medicine as a career, advocating for change in work hours, offering grants to promote education, and many people into the profession(Domingo,2020). Also, recognize the tremendous contribution made by nurses and physicians.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

Nursing educators, researchers, and administrators also have a vital role to play in ensuring the talent shortage is properly addressed. For example, they can teach the professional behavior and nursing theoretical basis for nursing behavior to nursing students as a way of ensuring they raise well-equipped nurses and physicians who will take up roles in the profession and execute them efficiently without causing medical errors which may lead to termination(Domingo,2020). Further, they have the role of regularly assessing the complex dynamics of nursing practice. Consequently, they are responsible for developing policies and procedures that will direct safe nursing practice and offer education to nurses regarding the interpretation and execution of the policies and procedures. Also, establishing a staff development department will help to come up with succession planning arrangements that will alleviate the challenge of manpower shortage in healthcare.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

The government and legislative bodies have a duty of enacting rules and regulations that encourage the employment of physicians and nurses from other regions and embracing technology since the use of artificial intelligence can to a large extent help address the problem since the machines are designed to take up most of the work done by the doctors.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

Role as a Change Leader (Leadership theories)

The leadership theory to be used will be the social leadership theory. Essentially, the theory focuses on the how, what, and why of leadership. It so all about creating change, at a personal, organizational, and societal level (Mehta& Kulkarni,.2020).  Similarly, it develops social change agents who in the return address and solve community challenges. Ideally, the theory comprises three foundational principles which are creating change, collaboration, and civic leadership(Mehta& Kulkarni,.2020). The emphasis is not on the way leaders do but on what they do together with their followers. The advocates of this theory believe that people must work together with their leaders to solve the internal and external issues facing any organization including healthcare. My role as a change agent will be to make improvements and rectify discrepancies between what should be for everyone in society.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.


Change agents required to Implement Change

Part of the United States’ sustainable development goals is to meet with leaders of government, private sector, civil society, donors, and NGOs to consider the future of human assistance and how to approach change in the United States (Moses& Sharma,.2020).  As a result, the health workforce shortage has recently received attention and in return, many countries have looked into ways of strengthening national health systems as well as developing policies that reinforce human resources or health(Moses& Sharma,.2020). The first people to mobilize to initiate the required change are health workers followed closely by individuals and communities. It is important to note that health workers are the change against since they are influential and powerful. They can assist the communities to come together and address the issues facing the system by raising the voice and needs of their communities.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

Change Model

The change model to be used will be the force field model as well as the unfreezing change –refreezing model. This three-stage model of change comprises of unfreezing, change, and refreezing model(Moses& Sharma,.2020). Essentially, the theory encourages leaders to strive to replace previous knowledge with new information.

Essentially, it is ground on the idea that if one can identify and know the potency of forces, then one can know the forces that require to be strengthened and diminished to bring change. The first stage which is unfreezing involves finding a method to help individuals in letting go of the old pattern behavior and facilitate individuals in dealing with resistance(Moses& Sharma,.2020). The second stage encourages people to change their thought, behavior, and feelings which can help on movement and challenging the status quo. Finally, the last stage helps to establish a new habit and ensure the change implemented in the second stage is achieved.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

Barriers to Change

It is important to identify potential problems and barriers to change and ways to mitigate them to ensure a successful implementation of organizational change. Early identification helps in designing a change management approach that will help overcome the hurdles and difficulties (Webb,.2020).  Some of the factors that fail the achievement of organizational change include a limited understanding of the needed change and its impact, not involving employees in the process, negative attitude regarding the change from employees, resistance to organizational culture shift, inefficient communication, lack of commitment to change, failed change initiatives and lack of adequate resources.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

Further, it is imperative to understand that poor change management could lead to a decline in quality of work, financial losses, inability to retain staff, inefficiencies, wasted time and resources, financial losses, productivity drops, missed opportunities, and a negative impact on the suppliers and customers(Webb,.2020). Also, some of the ways to overcome these barriers are to ensure staff are involved at every level of the change process and keeping communication lines open.

Evaluation of Methods

One of the ways of evaluating change is by collecting feedback from the employees. Essentially, the feedback will help identify the areas for improvement(Webb,.2020). Also, the organization can hire a partner to conduct a training need analysis. Further, an organization can have analytical tools that can disclose some gaps and develop new strategies.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.



Strategies to Anchor Change

Developing both short and long-term strategies will help anchor the change in an organization. The importance of the short term goals will help the team remain focused on the mission since the small wins will greatly eliminate fatigue and loss of faith(Webb,.2020). Obviously, when the effort and time bring about better results, this will motivate the employees and help them remain energized and focussed. Secondly, ensuring communication about the new norm is constantly communicated especially when there are some adjustments to be made.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.

How the change Supports the Organizational Mission/goal?

The process of change is rarely easy. Usually, it is not the new processes and rules that put employees on an edge but the unanticipated roadblocks that normally accompany the change(Webb,.2020). Therefore, to ensure the change is in line with the mission and the goal of the organization, it is imperative to ensure that the training objectives fully align with the company after the change. Therefore, the goals ought to be evaluated and should clearly reflect the organization’s new mission. As usual, they should have measurable outcomes that will help track the road to a fruitful and successful transformation.Talent Shortage in Healthcare Essay.