Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

This research paper has been written to discuss the rise of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in teenagers. The topic is of much significance because of two primary reasons. First and foremost, the discussion of the causes and effects of STDs among teenagers is crucial to the taking of measures in a bid to allay the rising trends. An appropriate solution will only be arrived at if each and every detail about the rise of STDs in teenagers is brought forth and exposed. It is also apparent that this discussion will have an impressive impact on teenage readers who are actively engaged in activities that may possibly expose them to the risk of contracting the STDs.Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

Secondly, the topic is significant because there is a need to protect those teenagers who aren’t involved in sexual activities that may expose them to STDs but may be soon influenced by others. Through an exhaustive and detailed approach to the topic of the rise of STDS among teenagers, the author aims at drawing the attention of chaste teenagers from these sexual activities that are an avenue to the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases.Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay


           In the United States of America alone, an estimated population of four million teenagers contract STDs every year (Rothenberg and Potterat, 1987). This figure is quite appalling, considering the fact that it was extremely low only a decade ago. A possible contribution to this trend is the modern society’s moral decadence and discard of virtues. The old good values that were traditionally highly upheld in every American home have been scrapped off by modernization and civilization (Garnett and Anderson, 1992). The above figure is a representation of about forty percent of the entire American teenage population. This indicates the rampant growth of the vice and the urgency with which this matter should be treated. These two factors show that the research topic in this paper is indeed very important.

The target audience that this paper intends to address is the young children as young as seven years of age and all teenagers ranging from thirteen years to nineteen years of age. The young children will form a suitable audience because they need to be warned against the prevalence and negative effects of STDs at this tender age. It is hoped that they will in turn abhor any activity that will lead to contraction of STDs. The teenage population is also a major target because some of them who are engaged in sexual activities may be prompted to change. On the same note, those who aren’t involved in these activities will avoid them.

The objectives of the Healthy People 2020 on sexually transmitted diseases are related in a big way to the writer’s topic. These objectives are to cut down on the number of adolescents and even young adults with Chlamydia trachomatis infections, reduce gonorrhea infections, reduce constant domestic transmission of syphilis and reduce the number of females with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) among others.Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

Review of the Literature

Many studies have been conducted on the causative factors, trends, negative factors and efforts to root out the rise of sexually transmitted diseases in teenagers. Beginning with the factors, most teenagers indulge into premarital sexual activities as a result of peer pressure or external influence from what they watch and hear (Field, 1996). Peer pressure is responsible for the millions of teenagers today who are infected with STDs. A recent study has revealed that most teenagers engage into sexual activities without prior knowledge of the possibility of contracting STDs (Felman, 2001). They don’t have the slightest idea that sex can lead to the contraction of STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis and candidiasis. This is to be blamed on the lack of an appropriate curriculum that incorporates sex education in the syllabus.

The number of teenagers infected with sexually transmitted diseases has been on the rise over the past few years. Ironically, efforts aimed at rooting it out have only led to more cases of teenagers infected with STDs (Gershman and Rolfs, 1991). This could be as a result of the use of wrong methods to enlighten children and teenagers about sex and sexually transmitted diseases. For instance, the advocating for the distribution of condoms in high schools has portrayed sexual activities among teenagers as a generally acceptable behavior. Likewise, the littering of television sets with sexually suggestive advertisements has contributed to increased sexual activity among teenagers and consequently increased cases of STDs among them.Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

Another research by Buckley indicated that sexually transmitted diseases have far-reaching effects and consequences on teenage victims (1992). First and foremost, STDs inflict feelings of depression to the victim. This is because the teenage victim may be experiencing this for the first time and may also be confused on the steps he or she should take. The victim is at the same time tormented with feelings of regret and self-hatred. In some incidences, the teenage may even resolve on committing suicide. Although these suicidal cases are rare, they do happen when the victim discovers the infection at its late stages and can’t bear the thought of talking to anyone about it.

According to Cohen (1992), early discovery and treatment of sexually transmitted disease should be the first steps that a teenager infected with an STD should take. Further delay may lead to the development of extra complications. Furthermore, a delay may lead to extensive transmission of the disease if the teenage victim is actively involved in sexual activities with more than one partner. It is therefore essential for teenagers to abstain from sex instead of risking the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases.

The project described above has a lot of significance not only to the teenagers but also to the whole society. The project is important to the teenagers because it will help them to discover the dangers that loom around careless sexual activity. It is also possible that after the discovery of the devastating effects of sexually transmitted diseases, the teenagers will decide to abstain from sex till marriage (Kilmarx, 1995). This will contribute to a more responsible and healthier living style. The project is of much significance to the society because it will restore the morality of the teenagers and shape them into respectable members of the society. The society will therefore be free from cases of crime and immorality.Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay


Innovation of the Project

The uniqueness of this project is evidenced by its extraordinary approach to issues affecting the society. Instead of employing forceful and stringent measures against the teenagers, the project gradually opens their inner eyes to the futility of premarital sex. The project appealingly exposes the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases in such a way that any teenager engaged in premarital sex may reform his or her character. Finally, the project is unique in such a way that it not only benefits the teenagers but also the whole society.Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay