Second Hand Smoke Essay Paper

Second Hand Smoke Essay Paper

Secondhand smoke can be termed as a toxic byproduct that has the ability to affects anyone who has been exposed to it. It is also popularly known as the environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Despite the fact that many smokers argue that people should learn staying away from them while they smoke, it is worth noting that one cannot be in a position to control exposure to the fumes. Smoking should be completely burnt from public settings. It is important for legislations to be passed that burns smoking in public places due to its negative impact on one’s health (University of Minnesota). One is easily exposed to harmful health conditions that he or she never anticipated in the first place.Second Hand Smoke Essay Paper


Thesis statement: It is a health hazard to breathe into another person’s secondhand smoke.

Many people do not see the great harm that secondhand smoke can cause to one’s health. For instance, secondhand smoke is characterized with several chemicals ranging from ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic which are dangerous and widely known to be causes of cancer. On the other hand, researchers note that a great percentage of concentrations of the indicated chemicals are characteristics of secondhand smoke. A person is at great risk with coming into contact with secondhand smoke (University of Minnesota). According to the Division of Periodontology in University of Minnesota, a percentage of fifteen percent is what is inhaled by the smoker. The remaining percentage is likely to be inhaled by non-smokers.Second Hand Smoke Essay Paper
Non-smokers are on a daily basis being dangerously exposed to secondhand smoke. It is quite unfortunate that the whole time we spent with a smoker in a room can completely damage our health. We might not see the impact at the moment but with time, we come to appreciate the need to ban smoking in public places and establish strict laws that will regulate its consumption in private life. One is highly exposed to getting cancer as a result of forty cancer causing agents as well as two hundred unknown poisons contained in secondhand smoke. It is worth noting that non-smokers suffer greatly at the expense of smokers when they inhale secondhand smoke. As a result of this development, one is vulnerable to heart diseases (University of Minnesota). Leaving with a smoker who is either a husband or a wife is an indication that you are ninety one percent in suffering from heart diseases. One’s time to exhaustion is also limited as a result of second hand smoke.Second Hand Smoke Essay Paper

According to the division of periodontology, non-smokers are daily exposed to the thickening of the walls of carotid arteries which as a result leads to complete damage of the lining of the arteries. It is painful to see innocent lives of babies yet to be born being subjected to nicotine exposure. When a pregnant woman gets exposed to secondhand smoke, there are high chances that she will inhale component of nicotine which she in turn pass it on to the unborn baby. Secondhand smoke can therefore lead to increased stillbirths and miscarriages, low birth weight infants and children being born with a decreased lung function (University of Minnesota). A society is generated where several children have a greater risk of developing the sudden infant death syndrome. This is the same reason why we have a great percentage of the current generation of children suffering from sinus infections, middle ear infections as well as pneumonia and lung disease.Second Hand Smoke Essay Paper

In conclusion, it is worth noting the fact that secondhand smoking is a health hazard which negatively impacts the society. While several smokers might view the campaign to ban smoking as going against their pleasure, they should be aware of the great risk they expose friends and family members to as well as the innocent unborn children in their mother’s womb. As legislations re being put in place to limit the smoking behavior, we should be careful in the way we interact with secondhand smoke because it can be costly to our health. Second Hand Smoke Essay Paper