Scholarly Product for Dissemination Assignment

Scholarly Product for Dissemination Assignment

Complete your DNP Project scholarly product for dissemination by tomorrow 8/4/19 at 8:00 am, in APA and six scholarly references less than five years old. 

For this assignment you will prepare a scholarly product that reports the results and implications of your project (electronic health record [EHRs]) to a designated audience. Apply the level one and two as numbered below:

Your scholarly product may be in the form of a manuscript for publication, project summary and evaluation report, conference proceedings, poster presentation, program evaluation report, grant proposal, media or technology-based deliverable, or a different faculty approved product.


1) Background, Purpose, and Nature of the Project

a) Describe the larger problem or issue you explored in your DNP Project.

b) Explain how this problem or issue affects nursing practice and the overall health care system

c) Describe how your DNP Project explored possible strategies for addressing the problem or issue.

2) Research Design, Setting, and Data Collection

a) Briefly explain the methods you used to carry out your DNP Project, including any relevant theoretical frameworks or models.

b) Identify the practice setting and context in which you conducted your project, as well as the sample/population as applicable.

c) Outline your data collection methods and justify why you chose these methods.

3) Presentation of Results

a) Explain the results of your DNP Project. Include any relevant graphs, tables, charts, models, or other visual representations of your data/results.

b) Include a short description of each visual, what it displays, and how it relates to your project.

4) Interpretation of Findings, and Implications for Evidence-Based Practice

a) Share the results of your DNP Project and provide an interpretation of your findings.

b) Describe how the results can be translated into evidence-based practice. Explain how this would impact the main problem or issue you explored in your DNP Project.

Scholarly Product for Dissemination Assignment