Safety Supervisor Essay Paper

Safety Supervisor Essay Paper

Industrial injuries are the most important topic for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NEC (National Electrical Code). Technology develops very fast, therefore, employers should pay their attention to safe electrical installation and inspection. Every company must follow standards, responsibilities, inspections, education and so on. However, the right management plan and good skilled workers sometimes could not help to avoid danger.Safety Supervisor Essay Paper


If a company wants its workers to be safe from injuries caused by electrical incidents, it should follow standards for electrical safety in the workplace. The article “NFPA 70E: what does it mean to you?” exactly devoted to this problem. It covers different incidents, reactive policy of solutions, major requirements and protective equipment. The article leads on some main requirements, which OSHA expects from companies, such as regular supervision, special trainings to employees and others. There are several areas in which OSHA conflicts with the NEC, for example, updating regulations or absence of necessary requirements for electrical safety (, 2012).Safety Supervisor Essay Paper
NFPA 70E is nationally recognized standard for electrical safety in the USA, therefore, it helps to solve the conflict. It has its own definition for: qualified workers, who take responsibility for the hazards involved for both employees and the company; the use of protective equipment and assessing the workplace for hazards. Also, the article has a brief description of NFPA 70E tables, which assist in choosing PPE (personal protective equipment) and the to-do list for protecting workers from electrical shock (, 2012).Safety Supervisor Essay Paper

To my mind, severe burns, scarring, tissue death, lost limbs, blindness and other bad things, which workers get on their workplaces, are forbidden. Employer should provide his/her workers with all necessary equipments, protection and knowledge. The main task of the good supervisor is to create the plan, which minimizes hazards to none. The OSHA has the list of employee’s rights, in which it is said that workers can get all information about inspecting their workplace (United States Department of Labor, 2012). According to this, I advise to inspect all equipment at the beginning and at the end of the working-day. Periodic safety audits are good to keep workers up with safe work practices and procedures. That is why supervisor should regularly conduct such audits.Safety Supervisor Essay Paper

It would be better, if supervisor has an adviser’s help, while choosing the PPE in NFPA 70E tables. Pull date is necessary to be controlled, otherwise injury could result. It is good, when workers make their operating schedule in written form, so the supervisor could notice the danger as well.

Training the employees is also an important issue. Workers should be qualified to perform any task and they, also, should know hazards associated with certain types of equipment. Not only new employees should train their skills. Technology develops every year and workers should know how to use it. If they know the technology, they would not get any electrical incidents.Safety Supervisor Essay Paper

OSHA has different consultation services, which offer several illness prevention programs (United States Department of Labor, 2012). Supervisors should provide their workers with free medical service, as they work with electric current and incur danger.

Sometimes, employers avoid necessary safety to achieve progress. However, this is always hazardous and harmful for the workers. Supervisors must plan, control and inspect every step of work. Therefore, they are responsible for reactive policy of safety. Trainings, safe workplaces, personal protective equipment, medial service are those major requirements, which avert injuries and fatalities. Safety Supervisor Essay Paper