Rupture Decision-Making Aid Essay.

Rupture Decision-Making Aid Essay.


The Achilles tendon has been found to connect the calf muscle to the heel bone. This tendon is the longest inside the human body. The same has been found to allow one to rise up on toes while he or she walks. This tendon has been found to withstand large amounts of force with foot movement. When this tendon is torn in tow, complete tendon rupture occurs.


The surgery risks have been found to be similar for both old aged people and young ones (Sepucha et al., 2016). Associated with the patient’s decision-making process. In other words, it can be said that the risk of surgery has been found to be properly described in order to allow the patients to decide whether to undergo surgery or not. A doctor always permits surgery only if one is physically active at work, at home, or in sports.Rupture Decision-Making Aid Essay.

On a concluding note, it can be said that this review clearly stated that the decision making aid for tendon rupture associated with the hospital is strong. This decision making aid has been found to provide equal opportunities to patients of all ages in order to decide whether they need surgery for Achilles tendon rupture or not (Dowding et al., 2016). This is the overall critical appraisal of the decision-making system of the hospital.

The patient’s decision making aid concerning Achilles Tendon Rupture associated with the requirement of surgery is perfect. Critically appraising the same, it can be said that the options of having either a ruptured Achilles tendon surgery or treat the same with a brace or cast. The second method is also described as the process of immobilization. The key points associated with the decision of a patient undergoing surgery have been found to be justified. This is because of the fact that both surgery and immobilization are mostly successful. On the other hand, rupture does not always lead to surgery. Immobilization is the most used process which has also been stated to have lower risks (Pablos et al., 2020).Rupture Decision-Making Aid Essay. The decision making aid has also stated that the success of surgery primarily depends on different things which include the level of damage done to the tendon. The points associated with the fact that how soon one must have surgery after he or she has suffered an Achilles Tendon Rupture has been found to play a significant role in the patient’s decision-making process (Søndergaard et al., 2019). Surgery has also been found to be advised for individuals who are young and physically active in sports or the workplace. Older ages are associated with inactive immobilization rather than surgery. Thus, it can be said that this section also helps the patients to decide whether they should undergo surgery or not depending on their age.Rupture Decision-Making Aid Essay.