Roses Care Case Study Example

Roses Care Case Study Example

A. Analyze the role of the nurse caring for Rose within the primary health care framework and identify some determinants of health for Rose

Before a health practitioner embarks on helping a patient, it is advisable that he or she identifiers determinants of health. In the case of Rose, the major determinants include the fact that Rose lives alone, in a big house and she is quite old (in her nineties). It is also a fact that she is frail, with her partial disability; osteoporosis. Another determinant is that she lives in a small region with limited infrastructure like transport including health facilities in case of an emergency it would be difficult for her.Roses Care Case Study Example


B. Identify community organizations that could be considered in the long term planning of

As Rose lives alone and with a partial disability in addition to her old age, she is unlikely to be able to maintain her home and herself. Bearing this in mind, it is quite sane that some of the long term planning organization would be inclined towards home care or any other similar organizations that could provide assistance with domestic duties, personal hygiene, meals, and medications. Some of such organizations include Meals on Wheels, Community nursing care/Hospital-in-the-home, Anglicare and Salvation Army. Also considering her old age, she could be advised to enroll into an Aged care service Roses Care Case Study Example

C. Discuss what level of prevention and what level of health care setting Rose is currently in

At the present, Rose is in secondary level of prevention, as she is getting treatment for the disease (pneumonia). In this level, patients show signs or symptoms of disease or illness and are treated accordingly. These settings involve patients working to get better when sick and includes steps taken to recover from illness. However, tertiary prevention can be considered as Rose is going to have to rehabilitate and restore back to a healthy woman.Roses Care Case Study Example