Roles and Disciplines of Health Care Providers» Essay Paper

Roles and Disciplines of Health Care Providers» Essay Paper


Healthcare providers fulfill various functions in order to improve their patients’ wellbeing. Additionally, in order to grant aid in terms of physical needs, they offer direction in prevention of illnesses and injuries as well as advice. Administrative healthcare providers seek to design an environment which meets the community’s healthcare needs; they act as intermediates between people who attend healthcare institutions and insurance companies when it comes to covering various expenses. The health care providers follow specific guidelines which assist patients in finding certain specialists to satisfy their medical needs in case they themselves are unable to fulfill those needs. This urges health care providers to master various disciplines and methods in order to provide quality services.Roles and Disciplines of Health Care Providers» Essay Paper


According to St. Michael’s, there exist twenty six (26) groups of health care disciplines. These groups include audiology, cardiac sonography, cardiovascular perfusion, cardiovascular technology(ECG), CHIROPODY, chiropractic, clinical dietetics, clinical ethics, infection prevention, medical imaging-MRI, medical imaging-Nuclear, medical imaging-radiology technology, medical imaging-Ultrasound, medical Laboratory Technology, midwifery, occupational therapy, OTA/PTA rehabilitation assistants, pharmacy, pharmacy technician, physiotherapy, recreation therapy, respiratory therapy, social work, speech-language pathology, spiritual care and vascular ultrasound (Brandt, 1997).Roles and Disciplines of Health Care Providers» Essay Paper

Health care providers fulfill the following roles: treatment, care, evaluation, prevention and administration.

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Health care professionals provide health care services to the entire community. They employ administrators, receptionists, managers and clerks in order to keep the operations running for the patients and the medical staff. The administrators ensure that laws and guidelines are followed; they also deal with insurance policies (Vana, 2005)Medical records are kept and patient privacy is protected.Roles and Disciplines of Health Care Providers» Essay Paper


Health care providers deliver treatment in a variety of avenues. The physicians diagnose the patients, prescribe the treatment plan and then give orders to the pharmacists who fulfill the medication orders. Physical therapists deal with rehabilitation of patients; psychologists treat emotional disorders, and psychiatrists treat mental cases.


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Nurses, doctors and assistants provide short- and long-term care. Care is provided in cases of diseases, complications, and in cases of midwifery i.e. the child birth process (Freshman, 2010).Roles and Disciplines of Health Care Providers» Essay Paper


Health care providers act as educators. Dentists train patients on proper ways to prevent tooth decay. Nutritionists help patients to develop healthy eating habits and patterns.


Health care providers conduct evaluation of disease and injury. Both the paramedics, laboratory technicians and physicians apply diverse methods and techniques to find the causes of injuries and diseases.


It is the duty of health care providers to relate with the patients and assess their needs. They speak with the patients or their relatives in order to determine the problems. After the physical examination, ailments can be diagnosed. The patients are advised for the next course of action. In case of further tests, the health care providers might arrange with the patients accordingly. They can also refer their patients to certain specialists or other healthcare providers. In the course of all the procedures, the health care providers follow professional standards.Roles and Disciplines of Health Care Providers» Essay Paper