Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper

Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper

Bridges’ transition model also referred to as Transition shock model reflects how people feel in the moment when the change occurs. In my case it reflects my feelings as a new student nurse into the profession. The substantive new graduate nursing transition model gives grounds for a relatively narrow outlook of complete socialization of the profession I’m joining. According to Cowen and Moorhead (2011), the model looks at motivating and inspiring the future groups in profession.Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper  It calls for coming together in creating a tactical plan that can redirect, address and repeatedly display the challenges. Many nurses might face anxiety when being officially introduced into their profession. It is this joint effort that has the prospective to produce a transformative change in the restraint. Undoubtedly, the first professional role of the graduate nurse is itself a distinctive stage in their specialized journey. It should also create a magnified image of the certainties all nurses face on an everyday basis. As such, progressing transition knowledge of the student nurse has the latent to affect the entire career by making noticeable the existing challenges.Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper


My roles in the nursing profession as a student nurse are simple and precise. Firstly, I have to provide hands-on attention to patients in a selection of settings. It includes physical necessities, which can vary from total care to assisting a patient with ailment prevention. I have to maintain a patient’s dignity while giving knowledgeable, expert care. Additionally, I have to use critical discerning skills in taking decisions, setting goals, and motivating patients.

The primary role stress I might experience is poor timing in performance of staff based on deficiency of the staff, conflicts with patient, overtimes and inadequate pay. Psychosomatic ailments like acidity, back pain, rigidity in neck and shoulders, amnesia, anger and concern might also be significantly amplified in when having advanced stress scores ( Duespohl and Sleicher, 2003).Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper

I chose to use the following strategies to deal with role stress. First, I decided to identify feelings common for stress in order to find solutions to the issue. I also I decided to acquire skills and knowledge in weak areas to ensure effective in carrying roles. The final stress management tool is to write things down in my diary in order to maintain clarity of thinking (Fitzpatrick, 2012).Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper

Comparison of the Family Nurse Specialist and Family Practice Medical Doctor
Limon and Spencer (2011), specialists, also known as progressive practice nurses and advanced registered nurse practitioners obtained their education through a smooth system. It takes from one-and-a-half to three-years to receive a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. Family physicians usually receive education through a four-year degree program at one of the one hundred and thirty qualified medical universities in the United States. To entrer medical school, undergraduates must pass the Medical College Admittances Test. Medical students spend nearly nine thousand hours in lectures, clinical education and patient care. The overall exercise course begins with medical school and lasts through residency.Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper

Nurse practitioners should be skilled enough to emphasize health advancement, patient training and disease inhibition. On the other hand, they lack wider and deeper knowledge required to identify cases with numerous symptoms and/or severe disorders. Family care physicians are qualified to perform complicated differential analysis. They develop a treatment strategy that addresses many organ systems and order and deduce tests inside the setting aimed at embettering general health condition of the patient (Yoder-Wise, 2007). Role Transition Theory In Nursing Essay Paper