Robotic Checkups Essay Example

Robotic Checkups Essay Example

Within the health care industry, a unanimous drop has been recorded. Ideally, the recorded backdrop is in the form of the health care reforms, as well as level of medical efficiency in the whole world. Normal livelihood and health care are some of the most essential element of elevating poor economic status hence reducing the level of poverty. Medical care is one of the sectors that demands rapid development strategies since the efficiency of patient care is deteriorating with time (Frey 23). An intensive study indicates that there have emerged renowned technological firms, which re health oriented. These medical technology firms have created an emphasized technological attempt to deliver fast and effective facilities for health care. Examples of the sector that are in dire need for development include the food and drug administering process regulators and automated machines to help deliver such services to the larger global health care industry (Frey 25).. Robotic Checkups Essay Example. Ideally, complexity of these machines and their efficiency is perpetuated to create a new dimension in the health industry. However, the main challenges facing these advancements include the long procedures and the required heavy financial base for the commencement of any of these technological strategies. Some of the recent medical reforms in the medical industry include the technological cutting back of the melanoma biopsies, administration of electronic aspirin and the use of robotic check-ups among others. This essay aims and discussing the robotic checkups and factors that can lead to its success within the medical industry.
Robot check-ups are a current pillar or reforms within the medical care industry. First, technology is always cost effective, and it accelerates the potential of health care in any category of health unit. First, it is critically difficult for the health ministry to allocate optimally trained doctors to all the medical care institution in both urban and rural area. As a result, the use of technologically adopted means of assessment to patient in rural allocated health centre is made easier (Frey 35). For instance, use of telemedicine is one of the modernly used tools for triage; however, it has been outdated by the installation of the new medical robots. It is amazing that these elements can move around the hospitals. In addition, they are capable of checking the patients’ conditions from their rooms. In addition, checking up the patient, the robots are also capable of managing the records and personal charts in absence of human supervision. Robotic Checkups Essay Example.


One of the recent practical examples is the I-Robot Corp. and the In Touch Health is one self-governing robot device that has been awarded an FDA clearance for official institutionalization. Ideally, the robots are programmed and equipped with facilities that enable it to maneuver the walls of the hospital. They are involved in conducting its medical assessment activities. This is a commendable advancement in the medical society that is identified in the United States (Frey 23). One of the proofs is that robots are no longer dominant in the world of manufacturing. They came into terms with the medical practices. When the industrial robots are purposefully designed to deal with dull and fatal environment, the medical robots are designed to relate and interact with human beings. These interventional areas that they participate in are the surgical and rehabilitation centers.
Use of Robotics in the health care has commenced bringing about healthcare. First, it is used in the Vinci Surgical system. They are being used to carry out surgery especially in areas where the results are more reliable than those that would be expected of the human surgeons. The integrated of robots in computerized surgery process results to an accurate result with reference to the expected medical interventions. Besides the aspect of surgical intervention, robotic intervention in medical care has also been dissolved in the rehabilitation and recuperation of patients. The great role that human therapist play in the medical assessment conquers with the robots that play a better role in a therapy oversight and coaching. In addition they are motivating human caretakers under no supervision. Robotic Checkups Essay Example. Robotic technological approach is essential in the research into human health. First, the use of robotic checkup technology is very essential in delicate activities as assessment of performance of the brain and the whole human body at large. This means that it is not just designed to address the minute issues in health care, but also the most delicate parts of the body without which one succumb to death.
For any advancement to be initiated, there are the driving forces that result to them. In this context, the ones under discussion include the societal drivers. There are myriad factors that have led to the need for addressing health care by the use of robotic medical care. However, there are two major dimensions that are used to access why the robotic check up is essential in the society. They include:
1. Need to enlarge the access to medical care.
2. To manage the expected outcomes by patients suffering different illnesses.
The use of robotic medical care is essential because it reduces the time and resources that patients need for recovery. This makes the process of recovery from illness faster by a factor. This means that the rate of productivity within the economy due to proper health management is expected to maintain a remarkable profile. In addition to that, population factors also trigger the need for a socially supportive system of medical care (Frey 54). A socially assistive robotic checkup system is essential. That is; it is considered to be effective in the provision of affordable health care. Ideally, they may be relied upon in the provision of medical care and assessment services to the aged and mentally disoriented patients. This is for the good of the economy. This factor incorporates other factors like demography maintenance. Robotic Checkups Essay Example/
– Surgery and intercession
– Reinstatement of lost function
– Recovery as well as rehabilitation
– Behavioral therapy
– Wellness and health promotion

 Personalized health care for people with special needs

Surgery and intercession
During the surgery process, there are some conditions that are very delicate, and human being often fears to attend to such issues. An example of these cases is the cancer illness. Cancerous tissues are complicated when it comes to their extraction from the body. In such a case, a very serious surgical plan is required. A robot is preferred in such situations. Robots are capable of carrying out a surgical operation via a natural orifice to avoid internal cuts to the patients (Frey 75). In such a situation, the patient is expected to have a safe removal of the cancerous cells. Besides the safe surgery, the patient experiences quick recovery with minimal pain and minor or nor scars. Ideally, this leads to the preference of robotic approaches towards delicate human health care practices.

Reinstatement of lost function

Time to time, some organs within the body are broken or dislocated. For instance, a body part like the lib is fragile. If the lib is lost or broken, then a robotic prosthesis process is carried out to fix the lib. The robotic assembly of the lib cannot be done perfectly by a mere human health practitioner.Robotic Checkups Essay Example.  It is amazing that the robotic checkups that are done to this patient are effective for the extent that the patient can carry out flexing activities after a short time of recovery. Robots are able to address issues that affect the sensory system and are, therefore, able to assess the recovery process of the patient.

Process of recovery and rehabilitation

Some illnesses have had a history of killing patients within a short time due to inefficiency of the know how to cater for the illness. For example, after a patient suffers from stroke, one acquires temporary disability that could graduate to permanent disability. Preferably, the doctor prescribes robot assisted therapy in the clinics that he or she is supposed to attend (Frey 48). The robotic system records all data that is essential in record keeping and formulation of recommendations for the patient who uses the machine. It is also encouraging that one might be assigned a home nurse who can be effective in the continued robotic checkups at home. Robotic Checkups Essay Example.


Behavioral therapy, Wellness and health promotion

First, the robot interacts with a child in a socially oriented manner. Ideally, it influences the Child’s social behavior through initiating play and then collects data on the child for assessment. This activity imitates a basis for therapies that an individual human being might consider tiresome to carry out. Sometimes, these robots are purchased by people who intend to monitor their physical activity back at home (Frey 99). They are considered essential because they end up designing the health status of the respective family. This information is essential to the medical practitioner in charge of that family. In addition, that information is essential to the insurance companies that handle their policies with such people.
Conclusively, robotic checkups are very essential elements in health care as compared to other sectors within a developing society. The exciting part of this health approach of medical care is that the robots are almost human in their performance. First, they are physically interactive with their respective neighbors within their scope of operation. These include the patients and the human care-lenders. The only problem that challenges this approach of checkup is that there lays a degree of uncertainty. Robotic Checkups Essay Example. However, the most important thing to do in this situation is to monitor and program the activities that the robot magician is supposed to carry out before involving it into an interaction with human beings. The current medical system is the most overburdened health care system. This leads to the call for technological aid and institutionalization to ensure that well developed health care robots are designed to aid the rural and the unfortunate lot in their health care exercises. Ideally, one of the hindrances that should be addressed is the long process of approval of health care technologies globally. Robotic Checkups Essay Example.