Respiratory System Procedures Essay.

Respiratory System Procedures Essay.


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You are a nurse working in a PCU. Your clinical unit specializes in the care of patients who are undergoing treatment for pulmonary disease. You often provide care and patient teaching for patients having tests and procedures for pulmonary conditions.Respiratory System Procedures Essay.


Your assignment today includes providing care and education support for 2 patients.

You have a student nurse observing in your unit today. As you teach, please be sure to include rationales and answer the student’s questions.

The Task

Patient 1:

Mr. Paul Monary, a 58 year old farmer, was admitted to your unit with complaint of progressive hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, and loss of appetite over the past 3 months.

The medical plan of care involves chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He will need a tracheostomy prior to beginning therapies.

Objective data:

Subjective data:

The nursing diagnosis you must address is knowledge deficit related to lack of information regarding care of a tracheostomy as evidenced by patient’s verbal response.

Patient 2:

Ms. Flora Vack, a 25 year old female, is a bull rider in the “Riding Stars Rodeo” that is currently performing at the Civic Center. She was thrown from a bull in last night’s performance and received repeated kicks to her left posterior chest. She was seen in the emergency room and admitted for follow up care.

Her chest X-ray reveals a large pleura effusion on the left. You are assigned to prepare the patient for a thoracentesis.

Outcome: You assist with the thoracentesis. 1,500 ml of pink tinged pleural fluid is removed. The patient experiences a pneumothorax following the procedure and a chest tube is inserted and connected to an atrium ocean chest tube drain.

You are assigned to prepare the patient for chest tube insertion and to manage the chest tubes after the procedure.

The Process

To accomplish the task, you will review information from the links provided for each patient to fill in the table below.

Patient 1 Links:


Tracheostomy – percutaneous view from inside the trachea

Laryngoscopy (this one was just cool!)

effects of smoking:


chest tube insertion

Review “Managing chest drainage” ppt presentation for nursing educators (note: this ppt includes nursing assessment)

Under the Product support tab: Along the left column under “Traditional Drainage” – click on “Ocean” – Under education resources click on “Set up and Operation video”. Next click on Oasis, then pneumostat section. The video’s on ocean, oasis, and pneumostat are interesting and helpful to understand the function and assessment of a chest tube drainage system

Chest drainage 101 chapter 1 – 4 and Managing chest drainage part 1-6 are excellent resources of education developed by Atrium – a common brand of chest drainage system

aking chest tube out / closing with a suture

Nursing Assessment of the patient with a chest tube.


Your grade for this exercise will be 2% of your grade for this course. Grading will use the rubric below. Maximum points = 36. This webquest is due to be submitted by 1:00 PM, October 17, 2014.


This WebQuest will support learning and application of materials covered in Lewis, Chapters 26, 27, and 28. I hope you found the exercise to be a fun, interesting way to learn.

In addition to Web links, you may use your NANDA and Lewis books as needed to support your answers.

You must cite references for your answers using APA format.

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Respiratory System Procedures Essay.