Research Paper On Schizophrenia And Suicide Essay.

Research Paper On Schizophrenia And Suicide Essay.


Schizophrenia can be described as state of mental disorder that creates difficulty in the identification of a person’s character (Palmer 47) .The characters poses different personalities with one main one which acts as the identity, guard and protector of the other characters. Suicide can be described as the act of committing self murder. It is usually caused by long periods of depression which are accompanied by premeditated thought of the acts of murder.


Schizophrenia has for a long time been credited as one of the causes for suicide amongst depressed patients (Botas 4). Schizophrenic patients usually tend to hide their emotions but usually succumb to constant outbursts from their multi personalities, who take over their bodies’ .The existence of multi personalities in a patient can lead the depression of the patient .This depression can cause the patient to feel trapped in a state of loneliness and torment (Palmer 47).This leads the patient to taking action which is normally in the form of suicide.
The research paper makes an original argument concerning a specific aspect of Plath work .The poems used in the research paper are Daddy and Lady Lazarus (Botas 4). The research paper analyses the argument in the context of a broad debate within Plath criticism. It reveals the schizophrenic tendencies she displays in her poems.Research Paper On Schizophrenia And Suicide Essay.

Morning and melancholia are topics that have been researched on from about 1915 by Sigmund Freud .In his research Freud compared mourning to melancholia .Freud states that the essence of melancholia had many aspects some of which could not be directly examined. Freud describes mourning as a loss of a loved one or something of value (Palmer 47).This shows that the person in mourning should have an attachment to the item or person he is mourning. This concept goes on to connect mourning with abandonment which can be used as a different concept. This is because the object that is being mourned is the source of the depression.

The definition of mourning can also be observed from an economic aspect .He describes it as loss of interest in the outside world (Botas 5). The work of grieving acts as a link to the mourner and the person in the outside world. Both Melancholia and mourning have similarities in that both sufferers develop the loss of self esteem.

The deference between mourning and melancholia can be seen in that. In mourning the world becomes impoverished either from the loss of a person of an object .Melancholia goes on to have a more elaborate meaning in that the ego is the factor that is loss (Botas 4). Melancholic depression further distinguishes itself from mourning seeing as the actions are directed at the love of the object itself. The pathologic development of depression is caused from the initial self importance of the object that is being mourned, which naturally promotes a self important nature .This object becomes predominant in the thought of the person thus causes depression of a patient. The object assumes an entourage which continues to torment the patient. This causes the patient to react with impulses thus looks for a safe haven. The committing of suicide acts as a way in which the patient would end the constant torment .The process of melancholia is completed when the act of suicide is complete. This separates the mourner from the object that was the initial cause of the mourning.Research Paper On Schizophrenia And Suicide Essay.

Both states of mourning and melancholia were both displayed by Sylvia Plath. Most of the ways she used to express herself were shown through her poems .Her case is however a rear situation (Palmer 47).We can argue that fact the Plaths display of different multi personalities may have been the reason for her genius poems .The fact is that it is through Plaths poems that we are able to study her multi personality and apply it to other similar cases that are displayed by patients.

Plath was known to be a perfectionist; her failure to reach her intended goals may have been one of the driving forces that led to her killing herself at an early age of thirty years. Her display of suicidal tendencies was not new to the people around her. Plath had attempted to kill herself at an earlier age of twenty years old. Her failed attempt to kill herself has been reflected in her poem Lady Lazarus which has been analyzed in the research paper.

Lady Lazarus

If we look at the poem Lady Lazarus by of Sylvia Plath, she writes about dying as an art .This shows that she is constantly thinking of death. She also claims to do it well this shows that in her thoughts ,she has frequently undergone the premeditation of the process of death. This further revels that although her death was sudden her suicides was rehearsed on several occasions to the point that it became an art.Research Paper On Schizophrenia And Suicide Essay.
Plath mentions that she dies because it feels like hell, this shows that her life is filled with constant torment by the loss of a loved ones .The fact that she mentioned that she does it because it feels real shows that she is reliving the act of dying(Brunet 5). .This also indicates that she was suffering from multi personality disorder .She mentions that dying is theatrical, she therefore finds it somewhat dramatic and entertaining .It also shows that she continues to premeditate her act of killing herself .In the beginning of the poem she mentions that she has done it again.

This shows that she has completed her frequent act of suicide. The poem is filled with indications that Plath had practiced the whole art of her suicide carefully detailing the existence of blood in her hair. It also indicates rebirth which is represented by the word Lazarus (Becker 9). Her rebirth to this world is what follows her death. Lady Lazarus is therefore a reflection of Plaths life and the depression she was going through until she met her death by committing suicide.Research Paper On Schizophrenia And Suicide Essay.