Quantitative Study Essay

Quantitative Study Essay

Select an article from the Grand Canyon University library. Discussion paper. Minimum words is 150. Provide an overview of the quanitative study. -Describe the strategy that was used to select the population -Evaluate the effectiveness of the sampling method selected -Provide support for your answer -Include the article title and permalink in your post. APA format for the reference

Quantitative Study

Alharbi et al. (2020) presents the results of a research study that explored the perceptions of patient safety culture among medical personnel working in hospital facilities located in Qassim Region of Saudi Arabia. The study sought to determine if teamwork and supervision are instrumental in promoting a culture of patient safety. In conducting the study, researchers apply a descriptive cross-sectional survey design, and this is a quantitative methodology for collecting primary data. The results of the study reveals that teamwork and supervision among medical personnel are instrumental in promoting a culture of patient safety in hospital facilities.Quantitative Study Essay


Describe the strategy that was used to select the population

The sample population of 375 participants were selected through a convenient random sampling strategy that utilized purposive sampling, stratified sampling and simple random sampling approaches to select study participants.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the sampling method selected

The convenient random sampling strategy was effective for the research study. Firstly, a purposive sampling approach was applied to select the participants from among medical personnel providing care. This was effective since it ensured that the selected participants have sufficient experience and information on the research topic, and could offer comprehensive information on how medical personnel perceive patient safety in the hospital environment. Secondly, a stratified sampling approach was applied to select participants from among different health professions and units across the different hospital facilities in the study area. This approach ensured that each health profession, unit and hospital was proportionately represented within the research sample. Thirdly, a simple random sampling approach was applied to ensure that each prospective participants who qualified to participate in the study stood an equal chance of being selected to participate. Applying the three sampling approaches in the sampling design ensured that it was effective as it allowed the research to draw a sample of participants who included managers, health administrators, health records, physicians and nurses.Quantitative Study Essay


Alharbi, A. M.,Alharbi, A. R.,&Almuzaini, M. B. (2020). Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture Among Healthcare Employees in Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia. Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing, 5(3), 35-77. https://www.iprjb.org/journals/index.php/JHMN/article/view/1123/1238

Quantitative Study Essay