Psychology in my life and profession essay.

Psychology in my life and profession essay.



Part 1.

Was the scientific method followed and how?

The scientific method is a formalized method for acquiring knowledge to test a presented hypothesis with the intention of addressing an identified problem. In fact, entails using valid methods of data collection (such as experimentation, measurement and observation) to formulate, test and modify conjectures based on logical predictions with the collected data used to determine consequences (Babbie, 2016).Tyrväinen et al. (2014) follows the scientific method as evidenced by its research approach Psychology in my life and profession essay.


Firstly, the study identifies a problem that is presented as determining how green environment contribute towards reducing stress levels. Secondly, the study presents a conjecture that urban green environment can meaningfully reduce stress levels. Thirdly, an experiment is conducted and data collected to ascertain the conjecture. Finally, consequences are presented to ascertain the conjecture as a prediction. As a result, the study followed the scientific method.

What pieces were or were not part of it?

The steps carried out in Tyrväinen et al. (2014) shows that it followed the scientific method diligently. Firstly, it asked a question on whether or not green environments reduce stress levels. Secondly, it conducted a background research that was then presented in the introduction and literature review section. Thirdly, it constructed a hypothesis that was framed as a conjecture showing a causative and consequential relationship. Fourthly, an experiment was conducted to test the conjecture. Fifthly, data was collected from the experiment and analyzed then presented in the results section. Sixthly, the results were aligned with the conjecture and presented in the discussion and conclusion sections. Finally, the study was communicated through the publication Psychology in my life and profession essay.

Part 2.

Proposed research project

The proposed research project intends to determine if environmental noise levels is a risk factor for the development of anxiety. The conjecture/hypothesis to be tested is that persons in noisy environments are more likely to report higher incidence of anxiety when compared to persons in less noisy environments.

How can it help us learn about the basic principles of behavior?

Behavior is a measurable and observation action that can also be construed as the study variables. For the present study, the first behavior is noise levels that is evaluated in a graded scale that exhibits progressive increase or decrease. The second behavior will be the incidences of anxiety reported among the study participants/population. Through aligning the different noise levels with reported incidences of anxiety, the study will be able to model the relationship between the two variable thus showing how the independent variable (noise level) strengthens or weakens the dependent variable (incidences of anxiety within the population) thus showing the consequential relationship between the two behaviors. Through the model, it will be possible to achieve targeted behavioral results while showing how positive and negative responses can garner support for behavioral change (Babbie, 2016) Psychology in my life and profession essay.

How can you use the scientific method to find and address possible problems in your research design?

The steps identified in the scientific method are intended to ensure that not only usable and valid results are collected, but also any problems within the research design can be identified and addressed. This is achieved by ensuring that all the steps identified in the method are followed in the correct order and to the later. In addition, the method allows for the procedure applied in collecting data to be questioned with regards to whether it collects the required information. Should the procedure be considered invalid then it would be revised and a new data collection procedure presented. Besides that, the method allows for the results to be questioned in terms of whether they align with the study hypothesis. Should the results not align with a hypothesis, then a new hypothesis would be presented and fresh data collected to test the hypothesis (Babbie, 2016). In this way, the scientific method is able to find and address the problem with the research design Psychology in my life and profession essay.