Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay

Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay

Today people are living in a very distraught environment and are surrounded by a number of problems. This stress caused by several factors, crosses the limit sometimes and people start suffering from several mental or psychological disorders. Such disorders are sometimes genetic but they are also due to inferred by highly stressed life of a person. If today’s life has produced such mental problems, today’ development in medical science and psychotherapy provides the remedy for such psychological disorders. In this paper we would discuss the several aspects and methods of treating the psychological disorders.
Cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are the methods to treat psychological disorders. It is not easy to draw a line between the two methods considering the proximity in their style and application on the mental disorders but still there are some differences and some similarities between these two methods which are designed to help the people to come out of their stress or mental problems.Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay
The biggest difference between both the methods is that while cognitive theory focuses on the mental part of the issue cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the external behavior part. In Cognitive therapy, therapists try to strike on the thought process of a patient while in the cognitive behavioral therapy the behavioral aspect of a patient is targeted. Cognitive theory is also very philosophical while cognitive behavioral therapy deals with the practical aspect of the problem. The similarity is that whatever their method is their aim is to cure the problem and to help the people suffering from the mental disorders.


Cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy both the treatment methods are used to help the people suffering from mental or psychological disorders. Both the techniques help a patient in removing the negativity from his mind and both are equally effective in treating the psychological disorders but the biggest difference between both the techniques is that apart from the abovementioned similarity of their motives, behavioral therapy additionally focuses and inspire the patients to adopt healthy behaviors.Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay
The question is raised about the effectiveness about both the psychotherapy techniques and people are curious to know which method is the most effective. Both the methods are in use since a long time and benefiting people by their different styles. There are different instances where cognitive therapy has not worked but cognitive behavioral therapy worked and also there are instances where the previous one worked and second one was failed. Sometimes it becomes tough for the experts to differentiate between both the methods and their use. It may vary case to case but being a practical and behavioral technique of treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy is preferred. The bigger question though is their motives and success in the same. Psychotherapists have started using both the methods together and the results are amazing. People are substantially getting benefitted by their combined use.
After observing the abovementioned analysis one can understand the relevance of psychotherapy and its contribution in treating the psychological or mental disorders. The psychotherapy helps the people suffering from mental disorders in recovering and starts a new life again. In the field of psychological disorders, a number of researches are also going on and experts are making every effort to give the scientific treatment to the people, suffering from mental disorders.Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay
I would like to share an incident that occurred in the last summer when I was on a trip to Egyptian museum, Cairo with my two friends. We were meandering in the museum, watching the historical things, and discussing a couple of historical incidents. The museum is a living account of the Egyptian rulers, kingdom and their luxuriousness. Suddenly a Muslim family entered in the same hall where we were present, they were seven members. I saw a girl in traditional Muslim attire, she was beautiful and attention-grabbing and I could not stop my self from staring at her. She was very serious and shy and was watching each and everything very carefully. Suddenly she started shouting badly and fell on the ground; all the visitors ran towards her and started enquiring the incident. Some one from her family called the ambulance and she was immediately taken to the nearby hospital. While she was taken to the hospital she was saying something in low voice and was also asking for help. We also rushed to the hospital out of curiosity and found her father there and after enquiring it was revealed that she was suffering from schizophrenia. Her father told us that the girl, shaba was schizophrenic and this is not the first time this incident has occurred. She often sees ghosts in her dreams and hears their voices. He shared a couple of incidents with us and it was horrifying, she sometimes assumes ghosts in the full light and starts screaming badly. The doctors cured her for the time being and we returned to our hotel.Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay
I have heard many things about the people suffering from psychological disorder but never seen any incident of this kind in my life. I read some text on the subject to know more about psychological disorders like schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Schizophrenia is a psychological or mental sickness and it affects the psyche of a person very badly and in such a way that the person suffering from it can not differ between the illusion and the truth. This psychological disorder affects the young people and do not make any difference in male and female. The symptoms of this disease are very weird and if someone watches the patient for the first time he or she may not forget the scene for ever.Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay
It can be treated by medicines as well as by psychotherapy methods. Before treatment, the diagnosis of the problem is very important and there are a number of methods to diagnose several mental or psychological disorders. American doctors and health experts have found some very important clues on this psychological disorder and research is going on to find a perfect solution of this mental problem. Psychotherapy also has some techniques to treat this disease though process is time taking but results of psychotherapy techniques are very good. Cognitive therapy and cognitive behavior therapy have been using as treatment methods to cure schizophrenia and other psychological and mental disorders of this type. Psychotherapists, psychologists an experts from medical fields are intensively involved in researches related to search more and more accurate and scientific methods to treat several mental disorders.Psychological Disorder Treatment Essay