PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2

PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2

Before you begin the assignment:


· Read Chapter 14 in your Beginning Behavior Research: A Conceptual Primer textbook and Chapter 13 in your Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics textbook. PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2



· Review the video tutorial for an overview of conducting ANOVA analyses in SPSS.


· Download and open the Test Performance SPSS data set.




An overview of the data set:




This data set represents hypothetical data from a study that examined how background music affected performance on a math test. Specifically, participants were randomly assigned to take a general math test with rock music, classical music, or white noise playing in the background. Further, participants were classified as being either high or low in math experience based on the number of college math courses they had taken.




Here is some more information about the variables in this hypothetical data set:




· Number: The ID number of the participant PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2


· Sound: The type of background music participants heard while taking the test; 1 = rock, 2 = classical, and 3 = white noise


· Experience: Participants who had taken three or more college math courses were classified as being high in math experience, whereas participants who had taken fewer than three were classified as being low. 1 = high and 2 = low


· Anxiety: Anxiety during the test, with possible scores ranging from 0 to 50. Higher scores indicate higher levels of anxiety


· Performance: Performance on the general math test, with possible scores ranging from 0 to 100. Higher scores indicate better performance on the test PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2