PROJECT-Windshield Community Survey

PROJECT-Windshield Community Survey

Prior to making your first Community visit and talking to a family you must drive around the neighborhood of your assigned family.

  1. Describe the boundaries of the area you surveyed to answer these questions:

2.What types of housing are represented? (e.g. single-family homes, public housing units, condos, etc.)PROJECT-Windshield Community Survey


3. What access does the volunteer family have to shopping? (e.g. grocery stores, pharmacies, other)

4. What forms of public transportation are available? (e.g. nearest bus stop)

5. What parks/recreational areas are available?

6. What significant enclaves of discrete populations are represented? (e.g. elders, children, race/ethnic groups)

7. What religious organizations or churches are represented?

8. What social agencies, schools, or health facilities are nearby?

9. What obvious health hazards are noticeable? (e.g. busy streets, lack of sidewalks, lack of traffic lights, poor lighting, etc.)

PROJECT-Windshield Community Survey