Prognosis in HIV and Aids Essay

Prognosis in HIV and Aids Essay


The term HIV/Aids prognosis can be defined as the causes in connection to the outcomes of HIV/Aids. This include time or duration of Aids/HIV, probable outcomes, chance of complication, survival rates, recovery period for Aids/HIV as well as other effects in overall prospects of Aids/HIV (Welch, et, al, 2012).Prognosis in HIV and Aids Essay

Prognosis in HIV and Aids

HIV can be defined as human immune deficiency virus. The word Aids is derived from initials of acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Aids/HIV is acquired through contamination of body fluids that occur through sharing needles, unprotected sex and sharing intravenous drugs. Testing, guidance, counseling and Aids education are the basic measures that can lower rate of HIV infection. It is also essential to notify the public that Aids does not spread through mosquitoes, casual contact or touching common items with people affected by HIV.Prognosis in HIV and Aids Essay



In the world, we have two different types of HIV. HIV 2 that is found in West Africa as well as HIV 1 which can be found in all parts of the world. The two strands start with infection. After infection, the patient enters into a period which has no symptom. This period is called asymptomatic HIV infection which is followed by another stage with early symptoms of HIV and later Aids. The symptoms occur after some few weeks, and they include fever, flu, fatigue and headache. This period can take months or even years. However, in this period a patient can spread the virus. HIV weakens a body CD4 cells as well as T4 cells, which fights infection in a human body leaving the person weak and unable to fight diseases. Symptoms of HIV infection complies of weight loss, fatigue, sweats and fever, memory loss, skin rashes and herpes infections.


This is the last stage of HIV. Aids occur after a severe damage has been caused to the human immune system. Persons with Aids are in medical terms referred as those who have not as much as 200 CD4 cells/ ML of blood. Characteristics of Aids are extreme fatigue, weight loss, fever, severe headache, memory loss and confusion, neck stiffness, loss of coordination and coma.


Recovery prospect or the prognosis for HIV positive patients have improved in the past 20 years. However, this depends on a number of factors. The most essential involves the patient access to proper drugs and HIV specialists. By today, the cure of Aids has not been discovered, but a combination of different drugs is proofed to slow down the effects of the virus (Morris, 2013). This enables patients to live healthier and longer. The time that a patient takes to develop from HIV to Aids infection, is determined by the person’s behavior, health status and time he take to seek for medical assistance. Anti-retroviral drugs are drugs that have proofed to treat retroviruses such as HIV. These are the most effective drugs in increasing the general fitness of a HIV positive serene.Prognosis in HIV and Aids Essay


Before 1996, development of HIV to Aids used to take a very short period and hence faced death within less than 10 years. Today, the help of anti-retroviral drug is helping patients to live for a long period if they stick to the medical prescriptions. For the drug to work in an effective way to a patient, therapy is also a basic requirement (Shen, et, al, 2010). Similar to other medicines every patient reacts in a different to the anti-retroviral drugs. However, every patient is supposed to consider the possibility of having no side effects from the drug. It is also essential to enlighten patients that in some patients, the virus many resist to the drug, medical specialists who have specialized in HIV/Aids treatment offers advice to patients on the right time to start the therapy and the drugs. This depends on the extent that the virus has set up itself in the resistant system of the patient.Prognosis in HIV and Aids Essay