Professional Resume Assignment

Professional Resume Assignment

Please make a Professional Resume for RN with 5 years Medical-Surgical experience; Bachelor’s Degree highest education; with multiple organizational affiliation. Attached is the rubric to follow. Thanks.

Module 4: Resume

Submit by 2359 CT Saturday at the end of Module 4.

NOTE: You will create a new Word document for this Assignment instead of typing directly into this document.

Overview: Resume

You may have created a resume in a previous RN BSN course. If so, use that one for this assignment. You will need to update it with your BSN credentials and date of graduation plus any other work experiences or skills you may have added since you first wrote that resume.

First, determine whether you should compose a new resume or use the one you created in the past. Then investigate resume formats provided on the internet to see what format best showcases your experience and career highlights.


Keep in mind that resumes are concise documents that allows a perspective employer to quickly decide if you are candidate for the position and should be interviewed further as the employment process proceeds. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to participate in a screening interview that may be held either online or over the phone. This process narrows down the qualified applicants to those exceptional few that will be interviewed on site for the position. Your goal is to be one of those exceptional few!

Headings most often consist of an overall career goal(s), education, past experience, notable professional accomplishments and/or special skills. If you speak another language this is a good place to indicate what language and how proficient are you. If you have special computer skills such as database management include that skill too. If you have a previous degree or experience such as military service, mission work, or Peace Corps, don’t forget to include those experiences too. If you are a published author include that information along with publications.

Once you have created your resume or curriculum vitae, have another person objectively critique it. You want to present yourself professionally, so errors or lack of clarity are “show- stoppers!”


· Create a professional resume.

· Demonstrate professional written communication skills.

N4685 Capstone Seminar

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Use this rubric to guide your work on your resume. If you use a website that has a template for a resume, (1) at the bottom of your resume, cite the website using the URL and (2) be sure to use your own words when filling in the narrative portions describing your work and educational experiences. This assignment, like other written assignments, will be checked through Safe Assign for individual work. Professional Resume Assignment

Criteria Target Acceptable Unacceptable

(10 Points)

Follows professional resume format

(10 Points)

Did not use a format for resume

(0 Points)

Writing Skills

(10 Points)

Appropriate margins, fonts, design and style. Professional language writing style used.

(10 Points)

Margins, fonts, design and style inconsistently applied and/or professional language and writing style not clearly demonstrated.

(5 points)

Lacks professional-looking appearance and language.

(0 Points)

Grammar and Spelling

(10 Points)

No spelling and grammar errors

(10 Points)

1-2 spelling and/or grammar errors

(5 Points)

3 or more spelling and/or grammar errors

(0 Points)

Content (60 Points) Complete submission to include:

· Career Goal

· Education

· Experience

· Special skills or service

(60 Points)

All areas addressed but missing essential information in one or more areas.

(40 Points)

One or more areas not addressed and/or missing essential information in 2 or more areas

(0 Points)

Strengths and skills (10 Points) Highlights strengths and experiences related to work experience and/or special interest area.

(10 Points)

Incomplete discussion of strengths and experiences related to work experiences and/or special interest area.

(5 Points)

No strengths or experiences discussed related to work experiences or special interest area.

(0 Points)

Late submissions will be penalized 5% per day unless prior arrangements have been made with your Academic Coach to complete the assignment at a later time.

Professional Resume Assignment