Principles of Research in Nursing Essay assignment

N5366 Principles of Research in Nursing

Principles of Research in Nursing assignment:


This assignment will allow you to create a review of literature summary following the guidelines in Gray, Grove, & Sutherland (2017) Chapter 7 (pay attention to the Writing of the Review section) & 18. You will share your findings using an APA formatted paper.

Instructions for Completing Your Assignment

· Step one: Complete the readings from Module 3 & 4, focusing on Chapter 5, 7, 18, 20 and 21.

· Step two: Use your four articles that you found in Module 3 for the PINCH Table. These studies need to relate to your topic and clinical problem.

Two of the studies must be prospective and quantitative. The other two can be retrospective or prospective, but still need to be quantitative.

· Step three: If you have questions about your ROL paper, post them to the Q & A discussion board for feedback from your peers / coach / instructor.

· Step four: Write up your findings in paragraph form using APA format and submit them to Blackboard by the due date and time listed in your syllabus. Here’s how to write up your findings:

· Start with a APA cover page.

· Section 1: Develop your title of your paper. Include your topic, population, variables, setting. (Look at titles of articles in the literature.)

· Section 2: This is your opening paragraph.

· Start with an introduction statement.

· Describe how you performed your ROL.

· Explain why was it important (share the dollars, morbidity / mortality, statistics, safety stats you found with citation)? Refer to your Module 1 DB and Pinch Table.

· State your problem and purpose statements for your paper.

Principles of Research in Nursing assignment

· Section 3: Synthesize the four research articles about your topic that you critiqued in Module 1. Analysis may include clustering and interrelating ideas from the studies to form an overall representation of the conceptual definitions, descriptions, interventions, instruments, and strengths and weaknesses of the body of knowledge represented by the articles, not the individual articles. See the examples in Chapter 7 (in particular,Synthesizing Sources) Gray, Grove, & Sutherland (2017). Remember that you have already appraised your individual articles in the PINCH table, this is the synthesis and summary of the studies.

· Section 4: What did your ROL add to your knowledge on this topic? Summarize the current knowledge and what you learned about your topic.

· Section 5: APA style and formatting is graded according to the RUBRIC. Limit your paper to two pages not including the Cover and Reference pages.