Prevention and Health Promotion of a Cardiovascular Problem-Endocarditis.

Prevention and Health Promotion of a Cardiovascular Problem-Endocarditis.



According to Cahill et al., (2017),Endocarditis is a relatively rare and potentially fatal disease resulting from the infection of endocardium. This disease is mostly a function of bacteria entering the bloodstream and getting directed to the heart. While the heart is well protected against infections, some people remain vulnerable to bacteria bypassing their immune systems. Such individuals include: those with prosthetic heart valves, congenital heart disease, damaged vales and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Individuals that inject drugs are also more likely to develop this disease.Prevention and Health Promotion of a Cardiovascular Problem-Endocarditis.


Apart from the vulnerable populations listed above, several risk factors exist that may result in infection of healthy individuals. Kestler, et al., (2017) state that one such risk factor results from everyday oral activities Flossing and brushing one’s teeth could cause bleeding of the gums and subsequent entry of bacteria into the bloodstream. Medical conditions and infections could result in bacteria spreading from infected areas such as skin sores. Similar conditions such as intestinal disorders and sexually transmitted infections could also provide bacteria with an opening to enter the bloodstream. There have been cases where bacteria enter the blood stream through catheters, especially if they are in place for long periods of time. However, most cases of endocarditis are found to result from dental procedures. If the gums are cut during a procedure, bacteria could enter the blood through the cuts.Prevention and Health Promotion of a Cardiovascular Problem-Endocarditis.

Several measures have been recommended for prevention of endocarditis. Knowledge of the symptoms and signs of endocarditis will enable an individual seek urgent medical attention. Such symptoms include a persistent fever, any type of skin infection, unexplained fatigue, any sores and cuts that do not heal properly. People are also advised to pay attention to their dental health. This involved flossing and brushing of the teeth and gums as well as ensuring regular dental check-ups. It is advisable to avoid any procedure that could lead to infections in the skin. This includes tattoos and piercings. Finally, for those with damaged or diseased heart valves and heart disease, taking antibiotics ahead of medical procedures can help in controlling or destroying any harmful bacteria that could cause endocarditis (Cahill et al., 2017).Prevention and Health Promotion of a Cardiovascular Problem-Endocarditis.