Practicum Journal Entry: Certification Plan Essay

Practicum Journal Entry: Certification Plan Essay The attached link state the instructions. The states for comparison are Maryland and Washington DC. Maryland is the primary state.

Certification Plan

The PMHNP practice environment in my state (Maryland)

The practice environment of a PMHNP is regulated by scope of practice laws that vary across states. PMHNPs in Maryland practice in a liberal environment, meaning that they are authorized to practice autonomously without physician involvement.  Maryland state laws fully authorize nurse practitioners (NPs) to perform diagnosis and provide treatment to patients without physician supervision or collaboration (Barton Associates, 2020).    However, before a PHMHNP can be granted authority to practice autonomously, one must have eighteen months regulated collaborative relationship with a nurse practitioner who can practice fully or a physician.   The physician or a NP who is licensed in Maryland acts as a mentor and is available for collaboration, consultation, and advice as required during the eighteen months (Phillips, 2020). Practicum Journal Entry: Certification Plan Essay.

Comparing the PMHNP practice environment in Mississippi State with a state I would like to practice (Washington)

Similar to a PMHNP in Maryland State, a PMHNP in Washington state practice in a liberal environment.   Washington State laws fully authorize NPs to perform patient assessment, diagnosis, and treatment without physician involvement. According to Phillips (2020), in Washington, NP practice is independent and NPs are primarily responsible for comprehensive and continuous management of a variety of patient problems, concerns, and care. NPs have the legal authority to act primary care providers, perform patient admission to hospitals and also hold hospital privileges. Unlike a PMHNP in Maryland who is granted authority to practice autonomously after collaborating for eighteen months with a physician or a NP who practices independently, a PMHNP in Washington State is authorized to practice independently upon licensure.

Professional and clinical practice issues a new PMHNP will need to consider and address with the relocation process

A new PMHNP desiring to move to and practice in another state must check the licensure of requirements of the home state and the new states he or she wants to move to. The PMHNP must check if the new state participates in the enhanced nurse licensure compact which recognizes licenses from other states which are members. NLC allows registered nurses to utilize their home state license to practice in another compact/ member states, without the need to apply for additional licensure (Oyeleye, 2019). 



According to Zerwekh & Garneau (2020),  that only practical and registered nurses who declare a compact state as their primary residence state qualifies for a multistate license.  This implies that that is a nurse becomes licensed in a state that does not participate in the NLC,  she/ he does not have a multistate license and thus cannot practice outside his/her primary state of residency without applying for and obtaining licensure in the new state. When a nurse permanently moves to another non-compact or a compact state, all licensure laws, entailing the NL:C mandates one to become licensed in the new state. Practicum Journal Entry: Certification Plan Essay.

A checklist for passing the national certification exam

A national certification exam requires both educational and financial preparation by the applicant. Eligibility for sitting the certification exam includes holding a master’s degree, an active license and at least 500 supervised clinical hours. I will complete the MSN program and the required clinical hours before applying for the exam. I will then apply for the exam online via the ANCC website and pay the required exam fee. I will then wait for approval from the ANCC.  When my application goes through, I will search for the exam content and practice questions on the ANCC website. I will buy Barkley at home review and develop a formal study plan using my self-assessment and the exam content. I will schedule my study time, allotting more time on areas that I am less knowledgeable in and less time on areas that have a strong knowledge base and only needs refreshing my memory.



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