Practicum Experience Plan Paper

Practicum Experience Plan Paper

Explain three learning objectives that are SMART and reflective of the higher-order domains of Bloom\’s taxonomy (ie Application level and above).

The practicum experience is intended to improve and gain familiarity with specific nursing concepts. Towards this end, three SMART goals were identified. The first goal is to evaluate the comprehensiveness and accuracy of notes taken during interactions with patients, family and other medical personnel. The accurate and comprehensive notes are intended to ensure that important notes are not overlooked even when moving to other tasks. In addition, it helps with streamlining the shift handover. Practicum Experience Plan Paper.This goal is relevant as accuracy and comprehensiveness of notes helps with minimizing the risks of safety issues and delivering the best patient care. Based on Bloom’s taxonomy, this goal focuses on evaluation that allows for judgment based on standards and criteria thereby engendering judgements about the value of accurate and comprehensive notes for improved safety and care outcomes (Billings & Halstead, 2016).

The second goal is to analyze and document all responsibilities and roles, to include additional tasks, so as to effectively divide up the available time in managing them. This is intended to help with improving delegation and time management as I will know beforehand when I will be busy and ask for help. Taking a few minutes every day to divide up tasks that are achievable within the available resources is expected to save plenty of time in knowing exactly where I am needed and when. Based on Bloom’s taxonomy, this goal is focused on analysis that breaks down work tasks into constituent parts and detecting how they are related to one another and to the overall structure and purpose of nursing services. The analysis represents the breakdown of nursing tasks into constituent parts and elements such that their relative hierarchy is clarified and relations between the tasks are made explicit (Moran, Burson & Conrad, 2020).


The third goal is to ensure that all assessment notes, care instructions and patient details are handed over to the next shift nurse before completing the shift. Practicum Experience Plan Paper.  Doing this before every shift break is expected to ensure that the details of every patient are noted and that specific instructions are followed. In addition, this is expected to help with ensuring that nurses understand the areas of interest for the patients to build a rapport while helping to take their minds off from their medical issues. The handover will be conducted every time using a checklist signed by both sets of parents to ensure that the handover protocol is followed at every shift. Based on Bloom’s taxonomy, this goal is focused on creating medical information by putting health care elements together to form a coherent whole picture of the nursing care scenario. The creation sets the stage for synthesis as a new understanding of health care is created (Ashmore & Robinson, 2014).


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