Practice Hours Completion Statement Paper

Practice Hours Completion Statement Paper

I, (INSERT NAME), verify that I have completed (NUMBER OF) practice hours in association with the goals and objectives for this course. I also verify that all required course approvals are in place from my faculty Vitas Hospice and practice mentor (INSERT NAME).

In completing the practice hours as part of the education process, I developed five unique skills that will support my future learning practice. Firstly, I developed effective communication skills, particularly with regards to cultural sensitivity. I practice allowed me to interact with patients and medical personnel from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and in that process I was able to comprehend how to better communicate with these patients. Secondly, I developed critical thinking skills. This was especially so when I explored nursing research problems and evaluated different literature evidence to identify potential solutions (Sang & Dearholt, 2018). Thirdly, I developed a Christian worldview that appreciates the position that religion plays in health care and ethics, and how the professional and religious perspectives can conflict with the nurse expected to resolve these conflicts (Sanwick, Forrest & O’Brien, 2019). Fourthly, I developed a global awareness from handling patients from different ethnicities and backgrounds, comprehending that nurses are operating in an increasingly globalized work environment with problems common in other parts of the world presenting in America. Finally, I developed leadership skills from having to direct patients and their family members, while also taking responsibilities for my decisions (Pokorski, 2018). Practice Hours Completion Statement Paper


Besides that, the completing the practice hours enabled me to better appreciate the learning domains and competencies. Firstly, it allowed me to develop my nurse professional role through familiarizing myself with how to deal with patients in different settings and diverse care needs (Gaberson, Oermann & Shellenbarger, 2015). Secondly, it improved my theoretical foundations of nursing practice as I engaged patients and explored nursing issues affecting them and how to resolve these issues using knowledge from nursing and other disciplines. Thirdly, it allowed me to practice as a nurse and engage patients in the real-world setting thus gaining the confidence and skills to handle patients and take on the responsibility to providing care. Fourthly, it allowed me to develop communication and informatics skills as I explored nursing issues and communicated my findings to other stakeholders who included patients and medical personnel. Finally, it allowed me to provide holistic care as I understood the concept of patient centered care and the need to include the perspectives of other stakeholders, particularly the patients, when providing care (Billings & Halstead, 2012; Iwasiw, Andrusyszyn & Goldenberg, 2019). Overall, completing the practice hours improved my competencies as a nurse. Practice Hours Completion Statement Paper


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