Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example

Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example

The last two decade has been an eyewitness of the growing level of cancer and its attributions. On average approximately 5.5 million adults and children in the USA having a history of cancer treatment and still surviving. From the time of diagnosis to the remainder of life, cancer patients have to go through clinical trials or chemotherapy from time to time. A recent report reveals that the patient at the early stage of cancer is benefited by the rising post-cancer therapy to a large extent. Henceforth the trends and issues of post-cancer therapy have been highly recognized by its cancer survivors.  Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example. Doctors continuously focus on post-cancer therapy to reschedule the routine work of survivors and drug aberrations. Here in this blog is going to further address some essential components of post-cancer therapy and associated trends and issues.

Cancer in young adult patients

With regards to anti-cancer therapy, chemotropic agents or cytotoxic agents are the first collection of useful equipment and mediocre used to treat cancer. In addition to giving targeted medicinal pills to the patient, other hosts of services are become an essential part to reshape the meaning of life.  Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example.To assist the public health authority, the cancer database is continuously changing. The use of a screening test provides a better opportunity to detect the early symptoms of growing carcinogenic cells. But in the case of adults, it becomes difficult to detect the metastatic cancer stages initially. About 5%of the youngster in the USA diagnosed with cancer every year. Evidence suggested that cancers like Leukaemia, lymphoma, testicular cancer, and thyroid cancer are common types of diagnosed cancer. Because cancer in adults is rare, it is important to go oncologist as soon as possible whenever you discover any abnormality.

Post cancer therapy: Trends

Cancer patients have long recognized by the doctors, but when the field of psycho- oncologist created, the whole perspective of delivering service changed completely. As the number of cancer patients increased over time, the social and emotional support sustains a part of quality cancer therapy. Cancer treatment is no longer happens in the theatre only, each dimensional of throughout treatment must scrutinize carefully. In the given below section, there are current cancer trends has been discussed which is proposed by experts available on the. Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example.

Palliative care and integrative medicine

This comprehensive approach focuses on the post-treatment of cancer by providing palliative care. This is usually designed for patients suffering from serious illness generally focussing on treating mental issues.  More than 3 quarters of hospitals in the USA have a palliative care system to make a healthy environment for patients.

Less chemotherapy

There is quite a reduction of chemotherapy slid that found in the recently published report. According to this, over a third of women stage 1 or 2 diseases getting chemo, to just over a fifth taking chemo.

Prescription of anti cancer agent

Doctors prescribe only those drugs that have specific molecular aberrations. Drugs such as EGFR for lung cancer and PRAP for ovarian and breast cancer are using till long.

Conventional immunotherapy      

Cancer immunotherapy is an appealing and conventional strategy among different therapeutic options. This includes both active and passive immune suppressant drugs to enhance the existing anti-tumorr response. Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example.


 Patients- report outcomes

How the patients feel affects the internal activity and drugs binding a lot. As more anti-cancer drugs are available, the patient-reported outcomes enable doctors to understand the benefits and side effects of the drugs.

Involvement of Artificial Intelligence

Data drive guide algorithms are currently in use to get physician’s recommendations. For this oncologist need an AI-driven system that procures data and suggesting the possible way of treatment.

 Post Cancer therapy- Challenges

Post cancer therapy have some issues together with their wide distribution. This may lead to certain challenges-

The requirement of biomarker driven clinical trials

The low mutation frequency level of some genes calls for biomarker trials. Notably, one of the key findings is that oncogenic abnormalities and clinical targetability of genomic target work on specific tumor types. Hence having the right biomarker-driven tools is essential to focus on right subtypes.

Tumour heterogeneity and resistance

No doubt if any part of the body becomes resistant towards any particular drugs would make it incurable. This is something that is based on tumor heterogeneity. Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example. This is an emergence of resistance to drugs on the clones.

Cancer Immunotherapy 

The number of drugs used to suppress the immunotherapy forwarded the most discouraging results. Polyvalent cell-based cancer vaccines contain a wide range of tumour-associated antigens that are promising but sometimes produce efficacy results.



Despite major changes, the current post-therapy challenges still require higher clinical trials. Since the number of patients has been increasing with time, new methods of treatments needed to introduce. For this Doctors continuously focus on post-cancer therapy to reschedule the routine work about the survivors and drug aberrations. This included patient outcomes, palliative care, conventional immunotherapy, and patient report outcome. Herein some challenges lies like tumor heterogeneity, requirements of biomarker tools, and heavy clinical trials of drugs.

Cancer is a rapidly growing disease that somehow needs extensive resources and piled data. Students are sometimes asking to write assignments on cancer and its types.Post-Cancer Therapy Essay Example.