Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.


Record a slide presentation, supported by 8–12-slides, for one of the stakeholder groups identified in your Assessment 2 Policy Proposal, which addresses current performance shortfalls, the reasons why new policy and practice guidelines are needed to eliminate those shortfalls, and how the group\’s work will benefit from the changes.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.


It is important that health care leaders be able to clearly articulate policy positions and recommendations and garner buy-in and support from stakeholder groups for policy and practice changes in their organizations. Unfortunately, effective communication is often lacking. Consequently, it is important for health care leaders, when leading change, to ensure that clear and open communication is ongoing and informative.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

An important aspect of change leadership is the ability to address diverse groups of stakeholders and create buy-in and support for your ideas and proposals for change. This assessment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate and hone these skills.

Assessment Instructions

Record a slide presentation, for one of the stakeholder groups you identified in your Assessment 2 Policy Proposal (attached below). Inform the group of current performance shortfalls, introduce the proposed policy, explain why the policy is needed, and present policy-driven practice guidelines to resolve the performance issue. You must also obtain buy-in from the group by explaining the positive effects of the policy and practice guidelines on their work.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.


The presentation requirements outlined below correspond to the scoring guide criteria, so be sure to address each main point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. In addition, be sure to note the requirements for presentation format and length and for supporting evidence.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

  • Succinctly summarizes a proposed organizational policy and practice guidelines. Presents information and keys points that enable the target audience to readily grasp the goals, scope, and importance of the proposed policy and practice guidelines.
    • Identify applicable local, state, or federal health care policy or law that prescribes relevant performance benchmarks that your policy proposal addresses.
    • Keep your audience in mind when creating this summary.
  • Interprets, for stakeholders, the relevant benchmark metrics that illustrate the need for a proposed policy and practice guidelines. Clearly and convincingly presents the evidence that supports the need for changes in policy and practice.
    • Make sure this is a brief review of the evaluation you completed in your Assessment 1 Dashboard Metrics Evaluation.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.
    • Make sure you are interpreting the dashboard metrics in a way that is understandable and meaningful to the stakeholders to whom you are presenting.
  • Explains how a proposed policy and practice guidelines will affect how a stakeholder group does its work. Provides an honest and accurate assessment of practice changes and their precise impact on stakeholders.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.
    • How might your proposal alter certain tasks or how the stakeholder group performs them?
    • How might your proposal affect the stakeholder group\’s workload?
    • How might your proposal alter the responsibilities of the stakeholder group?
    • How might your proposal improve working conditions for the stakeholder group?
  • Explain how your proposed policy and practice guidelines will improve quality and outcomes for the stakeholder group.
    • How are your proposed changes going to improve the quality of the stakeholder group\’s work?
    • How will these improvements enable the stakeholder group to be more successful?
    • What evidence supports your conclusions or presents alternative perspectives?
  • Provides a clear, concise, explanation of how a proposed policy and practice guidelines will improve quality and outcomes for a stakeholder group. Emphasizes the benefits to the group of the proposed changes, supported by credible evidence, and impartially addresses conflicting data or alternative perspectives.
  • Presents strategies for collaborating with a stakeholder group to implement a proposed policy and practice guidelines. Makes a compelling case for the importance of stakeholder collaboration and considers stakeholder perspectives by addressing possible objections.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.
    • What role will the stakeholder group play in implementing your proposal?
    • Why is the stakeholder group and their collaboration important for successful implementation?
  • Delivers a persuasive, coherent, and effective audiovisual presentation, well suited to the information needs and concerns of the target audience. Presents clear and convincing arguments and main points, well supported by error-free slides that adhere to visual design best practices.
    • Address the anticipated needs and concerns of your audience.
    • Stay focused on key policy provisions and the impact of practice guidelines on the group.
    • Adhere to presentation best practices.
    • Proofread your presentation slides to minimize errors that could distract the audience and make it more difficult for them to focus on the substance of your proposed policy and practice guidelines.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Example Assessment: You may use the Assessment 3 Example [PDF] to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like.

Presentation Format and Length

You may use Microsoft PowerPoint to create your slides.


Be sure that your slide deck includes the following slides:

  • Title slide.
    • Presentation title.
    • Your name.
    • Date.
    • Course number and title.
  • References (at the end of your presentation). Apply current APA formatting to all citations and references.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Your slide deck should consist of 8–12 slides, not including a title and references slide.


Supporting Evidence

Cite 3–5 sources of scholarly, professional, or policy evidence to support your analysis and recommendations.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Portfolio Prompt: You may choose to save your presentation to your ePortfolio.

Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

  • Competency 1: Analyze relevant health care laws, policies, and regulations; their application; and their effects on organizations, interprofessional teams, and professional practice.
    • Explain how a proposed policy and practice guidelines will affect how a stakeholder group does its work.
  • Competency 2: Lead the development and implementation of ethical and culturally sensitive policies that improve health outcomes for individuals, organizations, and populations.
    • Summarize a proposed organizational policy and practice guidelines.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.
    • Explain how a proposed policy and practice guidelines will improve quality and outcomes for a stakeholder group.
  • Competency 3: Evaluate relevant indicators of performance, such as benchmarks, research, and best practices, to inform health care laws and policies for patients, organizations, and populations.
    • Interpret, for stakeholders, the relevant benchmark metrics that illustrate the need for a proposed policy and practice guidelines.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.
  • Competency 4: Develop strategies to work collaboratively with policy makers, stakeholders, and colleagues to address environmental (governmental and regulatory) forces.
    • Present strategies for collaborating with a stakeholder group to implement a proposed policy and practice guidelines.
    • Deliver a persuasive, coherent, and effective audiovisual presentation.



Tiptop Medical Center is one of the leading health facilities within the Boston region, with its core services concentrated on offering emergency services. As such, the institution has a higher opportunity in tapping to the growing need for emergency services by bettering its services through quality improvement and an improved reputation. Nevertheless, one great hindrance in the institution’s endeavors to achieve the best service delivery is the lack of proper interprofessional collaboration strategy (Pilon et al., 2015). Failure in this area has led to the facility experiencing delays in service delivery, poor patient management due to incomplete interventions, increased mortality rate, poor patient satisfaction and as well, a decline in patient growth rate. With these issues on the ground, there is an urgent need for the Tiptop Medical Center to adopt a policy to apply as a guideline for the strategy implementation to resolve the underlying issues and more so, to match with the established benchmarks from the federal, state and local authorities in regard to emergency services management.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Strategies to Resolve the Absence of Interprofessional Collaboration at The Tiptop Medical Center ED


Interprofessional Collaboration Strategy Analysis

The emergency department (ED) is a crucial section within a health facility and due to the mode of its operation and the vulnerability nature of the patients that the department handles, a range of professions are expected to work together in resolving the issues, as well as offering treatment solutions to attain the expectations of the department. As Chiocchio et al. (2016) cites, interprofessional collaboration creates knowledge, saves time and resources, provides room for information sharing and as well, discovers more underlying effects and root causes of the health issues leading to the offering of a comprehensive solution in the treatment and care management for the patient. Tiptop Medical Center can adopt a checklist form strategy, improved leadership, and building a strong relationship (Within the team and how the team relates with other stakeholders)as part of the methodologies to improve on the interprofessional collaboration strategy.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

  1. Checklist Form Methodology

Most of the incomplete interventions are due to lack of proper evaluation methodologies such as checklist form. A patient may be requiring several procedures and interventions of which some can be omitted without the knowledge, especially when a couple of professionals are attending to a single patient. Such omissions can lead to serious implications and medical errors which may turn catastrophic to the patient at hand. To avoid such and to improve the team intervention efficiency, the application of a form checklist where every performed procedure is marked upon is crucial in minimizing the omission incidences (Berry et al., 2018). Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.At the Tiptop Medical Center, where the shortfall was recorded on the number of interventions, the mortality rate was also high which indicated the velocity of omitting a crucial intervention,especially for the critical patients that were presented with emergency cases. Checklist forms have been proved to be effective in the healthcare management for improving patient safety by introducing formalized processes that minimize errors and omissions caused by lack of information and inconsistency in performing procedures (Berry et al., 2018).Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

  1. Team Leadership

Team leadership involves improving collaboration as well as building teams through motivation and value creation. The inconsistencies witnessed with delayed service delivery especially in the crucial ED support departments such as imaging and admission departments are as a result of poor coordination and lack of interprofessional collaboration (Pilon et al., 2015). Tiptop Medical Center in conjunction with the various professions should build strong leadership that will ensure proper coordination of the professional team that will collaborate all the way from the patient presentation to the ED department up until the release of the patient (Aij&Rapsaniotis, 2017). This will save costs, reduce delays, save lives and as well, improve on the service quality. The team leader will be bestowed in ensuring that coordination of the involved profession is done rightly and in time and also ensuring that each professional is aware of their obligations and role within the team.The Tiptop Medical Center management must take the frontline in supporting the team efforts by availing the required resources in time to build consistency and efficiency that is crucial for the team’s overall performance.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

  1. Building Strong Relationship

Building strong relationshipsapplies both within the team itself, as well as in relating with other stakeholders. Improved interprofessional relationships, especially within the ED service dissemination can be of paramount importance in ensuring continued cohesion and collaboration both within the team members and how the team relates with the outside world. Leadership authority and influence plays a big role in the building of relationship within the team. As a good relationship occupies the team, it is highly likely that it will elevate the spirit of teamwork, build a sense of belonging, improve on trust and as well, increase team performance (Pilon et al., 2015). On the other hand, good relationship improves on satisfaction not only to the team members but also to the patients leading to improved patient satisfaction and improvement on organizational reputation. A good relationship can be built through open decision-making, enabling information sharing, support from leadership and the organization, and members’ willingness to collaborate (Colldén et al., 2017). Continuous training and education on emerging policies and treatment methodologies is also crucial in improving the team performance, which also builds towards strengthening of good relationships.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Policy for Managing Interprofessional Collaboration

Policy Statement

Poor interprofessional collaboration may result to delay in service delivery, medical errors, increased mortality rate, as well as a decline in the organization’s performance. This policy guide will, therefore, offer the practitioners and the organization a platform that acts as a reference towards building a strong interprofessional collaboration and improvement of its practice through the three proposed methodologies of adopting checklist form strategy, improved leadership, and building strong relationships.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.


The policy guidelines apply to all professionals within the emergency department, as well as other supporting departments that work in collaboration with the ED. Each individual practitioner is held responsible with the professional knowledge they hold, as well as the ethical guidelines that dictate their mandate and mode of operations in the line of the care delivery.

Guidelines for Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies

For the interprofessional collaboration to thrive well within the Tiptop Medical Center, there has to be an initiative from both the management and the professions. An establishment of coordination committee that constitutes a multidisciplinary professions and management members will be essential in the team-building efforts, progress evaluation, change implementation as well as resource allocation (Colldén et al., 2017). This will ensure that the interprofessional collaboration is active at all times and the necessary improvements in the course are done in time.

On the issue of the team building efforts, the coordination committee will determine the qualifications, experience and constitution of the emergency response teams as necessitated by circumstances. It will also make recommendations on the leadership as well as offer guidance on the mode of operation. On the other hand, the coordination committee will also be bestowed with progress evaluation (Nordstrand&Byrkjeflot, 2014). The evaluation process is crucial in pinpointing the weak links and the gaps identified to cause the same are sealed in time.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Furthermore, the coordination committee will also ensure that emerging trends that may call for changes are implemented without much service interaction (Colldén et al., 2017). This can be done through phases and as well ensure that every team member understands the need for change. Training and development are a good support element when it comes to changes implementation. What’s more, on the resource’s allocation, the coordination committee will review and avail the needed resources including the human capacity to ensure that the observed nurse shortage matches with the established benchmarks of the nurse-patient ratio of 1:1 for critical and trauma sections and 1:2 for the other departments. Professional shortage in a crucial department such as ED may lead to serious caseload which will result in negligence, work overload, fatigue and as well lost lives (Kavanagh, 2017). Therefore, the coordination committee will be crucial in overseeing the policy implementation at all the mentioned areas to ensure that an active interprofessional collaboration exists at all times and the mandates of the teams are executed accordingly to avoid the benchmark underperformance that were noted with theTiptop Medical Center.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Stakeholder Involvement in Implementing Proposed Strategies

The departmental chiefs, as well as the nurse charge and the CEO will be crucial in the overseeing of the implementations proposed by the policy (Nordstrand&Byrkjeflot, 2014). Effective monitoring and evaluation of the strategy implementations is crucial and this determines whether the strategies implemented will be successful in the end. Building a culture of teamwork will engage everyone in the organization to realize the power of collaboration and this will result in building positive spirits within the team.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

Time management is essential as delays cost resources as well as lives. Therefore, establishing timelines to guide on the processes will ensure that the required execution time is taken within a given procedure and as well, the quality of the procedure is adhered to for the end satisfaction of the patient and high-quality service in care for the patient. This quality assurance should, therefore, be checked regularly in the course of the policy implementation by the team leaders in conjunction with the senior staff and the departmental heads (Aij&Rapsaniotis, 2017).Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.

The inclusion of the multidisciplinary team in the overseeing of the implementation builds a sense of trust, where members feel valued and thus, they feel free to make their professional contribution without fear which creates room for a strong and efficient team building and interprofessional collaboration (Nordstrand&Byrkjeflot, 2014).The partnership between the multidisciplinary professions, as well as the hospital management, is crucial as the Tiptop Medical Center envies to build the culture of interprofessional collaboration that will be a game-changer in the determination of the future success of the organization especially on meeting the set ED benchmarks across the healthcare industry (Unal, 2017).Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.


Interprofessional collaboration is crucial in ensuring that patient care and safety is ever-present and the right treatment and care management is being offered for the overall health improvement of the concerned patient. As such, adopting a policy is the best way to offer guidelines on implementing strategies that will ensure the ever-present of the interprofessional collaboration. Tiptop Medical Center in its endeavors to implement the proposed changes must be committed in ensuring that there exists understanding among the management and the workers to foster a conducive environment for the proposed policy implementation.Policy Proposal Presentation Essay.