Policy Around Geriatric Driving Essay

30 professionally appearing slides (such as PowerPoint) for class viewing that illustrate a contemporary health-related public policy or professional clinical practice-related policy issue impacting advanced nursing practice. There must also be 12–15 scholarly, peer-reviewed references reflected in the presentation and provided in an APA reference page format. Content should include: Policy Around Geriatric Driving Essay


ï‚· clear evidence supporting policy enactment or change (this will be a brief review of the
policy topic paper) Policy Around Geriatric Driving Essay
ï‚· feasibility
ï‚· ethical considerations
ï‚· barriers to change
ï‚· identification of facilitators
ï‚· key stakeholders
ï‚· role of the graduate degree nurse in the proposed policy and analysis processes
ï‚· risks associated with the status quo vs risks associated with changing
ï‚· the impact on nursing practice Policy Around Geriatric Driving Essay
Other potential topics, depending on the policy issue chosen could include:
ï‚· social determinants of health related to the chosen issue
ï‚· interprofessional/transdisciplinary initiatives in addressing the issue
For slide presentations, slides must be readable and visually appealing—not overly crowded. Policy Around Geriatric Driving Essay