Planning for Success in Nursing School Essay.

Planning for Success in Nursing School Essay.



A nursing program is one of the largest programs in the medical field, globally. It is the central point for many hospital functions. As such, nurses are in high demand globally. In a health care system that encounters several challenges, the nurses’ shortage has been a significant problem for a long time now. Several other challenges still point out to an inadequate health care system that is affected by inadequate staffing. This essay will explore my expectations, goals, and the steps I will undertake to succeed in this program. Planning for Success in Nursing School Essay.



The priority concern is to provide comprehensive care to all the patients by assessing priority needs and responding appropriately. This will promote a quick and effective response to patients seeking health care services. Secondly, observe the ethical principles and the code of conduct governing the program. Like any other program, there are rules, procedures, policies, and principles that govern the code of conduct and professionalism. Therefore, adherence to these well-laid structures promotes professionalism and guide through the challenges encountered in the program. Planning for Success in Nursing School Essay.

Another significant expectation is to deliver patient-centered services every time. This involves performing a detailed assessment of the patient’s needs and tailoring their services to meet these needs. A routine of individualizing patient care is an exemplary method of offering competent based care. 

Finally, participate in the management role. Nurses are managers who take charge of various resources, i.e., human, physical, and sometimes financial resources. Therefore, acquiring appropriate managerial skills will improve efficiency. Planning for Success in Nursing School Essay.


As a nurse practitioner, goal setting is the key to achieving success. First is to be punctual and timely when responding to any important concern at that particular moment. Secondly, have an adequate knowledge base of my area of practice to promote efficient and effective health care service. Thirdly, maintain a high level of professionalism both at work and even outside the work environment. This promotes a good working environment between you and the client and even outside work. Acquire excellent interpersonal skills that promote good relationships between the patients and me and or other staff. Good interpersonal relationships help achieve a conducive working environment and promote efficiency. Achieve excellence at every level of academic progression through self-motivation and resilience at the end of the program. Positively impact change in an environment at every experience by applying critical thinking always. Finally, achieving professional competence necessary to provide solutions to the health problems of the community members. Planning for Success in Nursing School Essay.

Steps in achieving success 

First, getting organized and acquiring all the necessary resources for the program is essential. After that, ensuring maximum class attendance and serious undertaking of assignments. Undertake serious clinical experience with close attention to developing good interpersonal relationships with patients and priority needs assessment. Attention to developing an effective care plan for patients in need. Taking regular breaks between sessions help reduce burnout and promote reenergizing. Application of the knowledge earned from the clinical and classwork in daily living improves the quality of life in general. Continuous education and focused learning that utilizes all the learning materials. Identify at least one gap in the practice and provide an intervention to address the issue. Participate in continuous research through reading research papers or conducting research to improve the quality of nursing practice. Planning for Success in Nursing School Essay.