Pharmacy Practice Essay.

Pharmacy Practice Essay.


I would like to apply to Rosalind Franklin University’s College of Pharmacy as studying with you will enable me to pursue my dream career in Pharmaceuticals.

I originally became interested in Pharmacy because of the direct effects it has on the lives of people in the community. I have worked in a pharmaceutical setting as a pharmacy technician for the last five years. Over this time, I have learned a great deal about the industry and about the patient care pharmacists deliver. I thoroughly enjoy talking to patients about their medications and helping them in whatever need or query with which they come to me. I have adored my job as a pharmacy assistant, and this has given me enthusiasm to further my education with the aim of being able to help my patients in a more comprehensive way.Pharmacy Practice Essay.


Nowadays, pharmacists are far more actively involved with patients than they used to be. Pharmacists have also become more accessible to the community, and are able to assist in a wider variety of situations. I am excited about these emerging qualities in the profession, and am keen to exercise a more hands on approach in patient care.

I am friendly, caring and patient, which I feel are compulsory qualities of a successful pharmacist. I am committed to a patient-centred approach in my work, and I understand the importance of actively listening and empathising with each patients that needs my help.Pharmacy Practice Essay.

I love working as part of a team, and I appreciate the value of a strong, well-communicating, pharmaceutical team in delivering an optimum service to patients.Pharmacy Practice Essay.