Pharmaceutical And Therapeutics

1. How is Tuberculosis treated?

2. What is Cipro used to treat? What are the adverse effects? What are the contraindications? What are the medication interactions?

3. Which medication is the first choice in treating C-Difficile infection?




4. What are the adverse effects of amphoterocin B? What monitoring would need to be done while on this medication? How is an amphoterocin B infusion reaction treated? Pharmaceutical And Therapeutics

5. What is acyclovir used to treat? What are the adverse effects?

6. Name two antiviral medications used to treat CMV. What are the differences between these two drugs.

7. What are the 5 types of HIV medications

8. What are some nursing concerns for the patient on protease inhibitors?
9. What medication is used to treat Syphilis?

10. What is the most important thing that healthcare workers can do to help reduce the spread of infection? Pharmaceutical And Therapeutics