Perspective on Nursing Informatics CO

Perspective on Nursing Informatics CO

Think of a clinical setting with which you are familiar ( i.e. physician office, hospital unit, clinic)  and envision how artificial intelligence tools might be applied in this setting. This may be a setting you practice in, had a student experience in, or that you experienced as a patient.

Answer the following question in essay format:

Which current or emerging tools would enhance your practice and why?

you must use in text citation . Must be written in APA format. Perspective on Nursing Informatics CO


Perspectives on Nursing Informatics

Current or Emerging tools that would enhance nursing practice

There have been advancements in technology in nursing in recent years but none can measure up to the impact of artificial intelligence in the industry. Machine learning and natural language processing tools would advance nursing practice by providing all relevant information that nurses need to make correct decisions. According to Robert (2019), machine learning is regularly utilized whereby computers intelligently act on a certain problem or task without explicit programming. The computer utilizes algorithms in deriving knowledge from data and also interpreting data for itself.  As more presentation of data on the machine learning application occurs, the computer gains knowledge from the data and rectifies outputs.  Natural language processing is the capability of computers to understand the most recent text and speech terms.  The dominant applications of natural language processing in healthcare involve creating, understanding, and classifying clinical documentation.Perspective on Nursing Informatics CO

Machine learning presently has numerous responsibilities in health management. It helps health care providers analyze numerous points of data, enable provides to perform risk assessment on time, and accurately allocate resources. Since the utilization of automotive learning in healthcare is increasing,   health care professionals will be able to provide nursing care to millions of clients in the future without having to bring innovation, data, and data analysis together. (Chakraborty et al., 2020).

Natural language processing can advance the nursing practice through intelligent health records. According to Chakraborty et al. (2020), keeping health records updated is a comprehensive procedure. Technology plays a crucial role in lessening the time taken in the process of entering data,  but the majority of the process of entering data consumes a great deal of time completing. Optical character recognition (OCR) detection technologies like Google Cloud Vision API along with MATLAB’s machine learning recognition technology are can simplify the process of data entry and enable providers to save money, effort and time.Perspective on Nursing Informatics CO


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Perspective on Nursing Informatics CO