Personal Statement On Nursing Essay.

Personal Statement On Nursing Essay.


Without any doubts, nursing is one of the most challenging careers. However, together with numerous challenges this profession gives an incredible sense of satisfaction. I am sure, there is nothing better in the whole world than an ability to see that your work helps other people and allows them to feel relief. There is no better job for those people, who want to take care after their patients and help them to cope with their problems. I came to such conclusions consciously and ground my opinion on personal practice.Personal Statement On Nursing Essay.
At present time I am in my last year of Degree course in English Language and Cultural Studies and I also plan to get higher education in the field of health care. Although my experience in this area is relatively short (7 months), it allowed me to realize my true passions. I work as a support worker and today I cannot imagine my life without a chance to help people and care for them.


At present time my job consists of providing support for adults with a variety of learning disabilities, mild and severe psychological and physical disorders. Among my patients there are people, who suffer from aggressive and challenging behavior. Quite often I work with people, who have schizophrenia and other mental disorders. An opportunity to work with such diverse patients allows me to understand better peculiarities of nursing.

Another aspect of my working practice is attending a variety of health care seminars and other events, where I can help people to cope with their challenges. People, who suffer from various mental disorders, find it easier to understand their needs and focus on their future, if they get assistance from the side of qualified personnel. In the course of my work I try to raise my patients’ self respect. I also show them how to become more independent and ignore existing stereotypes. A great part of my work is dedicated to helping my patients to improve their social and communication skills. I try to do my best and provide support during a variety of stressful situations.Personal Statement On Nursing Essay.

I believe that in the field of nursing not only patients get help and support. Indeed, nursing personnel also gets a lot of satisfaction, achieves goals, fulfills ambitions and learns something new. Nurses often have to deal with delicate issues and it is important to know how to speak with patients, try to predict their negative reaction and eliminate it. My current job helped me to learn how to deal with such situations. I feel that this professional area allowed me to grow spiritually, realize my values, shape beliefs and cultivate my patience.Personal Statement On Nursing Essay.

Without any doubts, my choice of such career path is not a spontaneous decision. I realized that nursing is more than a profession, it is a calling. It changes people and leaves a mark on their style of life, way of thinking, attitude to people around. I suggest that I possess such personal qualities, which can help me to become a good professional nurse. For example, I try to stay calm and positive in the majority of life situations. Such attitude to life can be a good example for my patients, who deal with a variety of problems. One of the main reasons why I want to achieve a degree in Nursing is to have a better understanding of this profession and excellent my nursing skills.Personal Statement On Nursing Essay.