Personal Protection of Information Essay

Personal Protection of Information Essay

This paper mainly talks about personal protection of information about the patient. It also give reasons as to why some of the patient’s information should be protected especially those that need privacy.  Control measures are also mention in this paper and these refer to the necessary steps to be taken to ensure privacy is enhanced. There are certain private issues of the patients that if leaked out, can bring a lot of embarrassment to the patient. These are the key issues that the paper tries to figure out in order to enhance rectification. Rectification here means alt of things involved and not only matters of privacy but all that pertains to the patient comfort and his or her well being.Personal Protection of Information Essay


Protection of patient’s information is one of the best things that all medical institutions should do in order to safeguard the well being of a patient. This can be an ideal thing to do especially when there are some nasty stories arising from the patient’s illness. Personal information here has a meaning to the where about of the patient in terms of his or her illness and medical attention. Others can only know from the patient and only if he or she wishes to do so. Some of this information may cause a negative impact to a patient’s life if leaked out without the patient’s consent. The processes taken to curb this serious issue involves a lot of complication linked to the patient’s life hence making some of them to die instantly due to the shocking news that at times fall into their ears fro some of the individuals who might have had a hint concerning the patient’s illness and medication process. It can therefore be said that a patient’s personal information is those types of information that needs privacy as far as the patient’s health is concerned.


Patients are those individuals who suffer from certain diseases that tend to make their lives miserable. With the illness a patient should therefore be handled with a lot of care as his or her life is by then in great danger. This therefore calls for certain ideal measures to be taken just to ensure that the patient’s comfort is catered for. One of the things that should be highly catered for and given first priority is the patient’s personal information. The information here refers to the patients illness whereabouts. There are some types of diseases that are incurable and those patients who fall victims of those diseases are left with other option but to wait for their death. This has made people to be very careful with the aim of evading these kinds of dangerous diseases though some still fall in the trap. For those who have fallen in the trap, they are abandoned as people know that the person is likely to die hence creating poor relations between the ill and the healthy. The poor relation has nowadays made patients who suffer from these dangerous and contagious diseases to keep their information private. For this issue to be as per the patients’ opinion, then it the duty of the hospital(s) to implement policies cater for their opinion.Personal Protection of Information Essay

There is certain control measure that should be put in place to ensure the issue of patients’ personal information is protected. Protection of this information may have a negative side though it’s good and many patients prefer it. First, there are times when a patient’s life can only be well if some of his or her private information is leaked out. This is so because may be that is it the only option left so that those who may have any information on the patient’s life can speak it out to enhance a starting point for the medical attention. At time these kinds of leakage help because some of the patients are taken to the hospital when they cannot express themselves in a proper manner due to lack of energy. On the other hand, there are those patients who fail to give a proper explanation to their illness due to embarrassment hence it needs the help of some outsiders who might have happened to know the illness or the behavior of the patient at the start of his or her illness to give a clear and proper explanation.

The medical institutions should come up with a policy that safeguards the patients’ personal information. The policy should guide and ensure that this information is safeguarded at all cost no matter the circumstances that arises. If a leak out is needed then only the family members of the patients should be subjected to this information or anybody within the lineage of the patient. The protection of this information is highly pegged on the patient as it is upon him or her to leak out his or her secrets or keep them to him or herself. There should proper sectors in hospitals that teach the patients more about the diseases they are suffering from. This can contribute largely to protecting patients’ personal information as they will have known more about their illness and can therefore not die if the take the proper pieces of advice given to them on how to live with the disease.Personal Protection of Information Essay

Protection of patients’ personal information has many advantages that outweigh its disadvantages. With the protection, a number of patients’ problems can be solved as this will reduce the level of death rate that may occur due to frustrations. Another thing that will have been catered for is the relations among patients and other members. This protection will not only help to cater for the patients’ life but to educate both the patients and other members. This education issue arises in that people will now believe that all diseases are curable and those that are not curable have various ways of living with them without any harm. Privacy here can help even in boosting the medical institutions as people will then begin to have trust for them.


All medical institutions should adopt this policy as it can make a lot of improvement in the institutions. Many developed countries are working towards making advancement in the medical institutions. This effort made towards advancing medical institutions are meant to enable comfort during a patient’s medical attention. People problems can be solved through this as some people are always afraid to seek medical attention having a mentality that their secrets can be leaked out once they step at the hospital door. With all these safety precautions and measures, medical institutions can be such a trusted place for patients and many people can get relieved of their illness.Personal Protection of Information Essay

This text covers the enduring decline in cultural and moral vision and principled agreement, which are being increasingly outdone by rapid technological or scientific advancements in the biosciences and the reconstruction of the delivery of health care. The structure of “Christian Hippocratism,” which comprised the conventional Western medical tradition until lately, is again held up to the assessing of the deficiencies and challenges in present medicine. The writer emphasizes the complexity as well as the positive future prospective of the Hippocratic legacy, observing that the text is not itself about the “Christian medicine.”

This text is not only intended for use students and clinicians but also by the hospital administrators, the hospital attorneys, the quality reviewers, the institutional ethics committee members and the health plan administrators. It presents kind of a four-topic matrix for fast identification of the issues in practice, and correct ways of resolving ethical issues. The four-topic method reflects the how clinicians examine actual cases, with a case study presentation following a principle common in medical education.Personal Protection of Information Essay