Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

Every nurse must have his or her professional philosophy. It usually incorporates his or her principles, beliefs, values and even prejudices. Nurses usually pass a long way before they can say that they have a personal philosophy of nursing. At the same time, every nurse should answer several questions to identify his or her values, principles and beliefs. Early in my career, I struggled to define the meaning of nursing. That was one of the first things that led me to identify the most relevant concepts guiding my nursing theory and practice. I used the four metaparadigms of nursing to explain their meaning in my philosophy and practice. Finally, I was able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of my nursing beliefs and principles. Now it is time to address some of them.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper


A philosophy is a holistic and overarching phenomenon. My philosophy rests on the principles of empathy and patient-centered care. It essentially means that I am open to every patient and caregiver. I seek to understand the needs and priorities of every client. At the same time, everything I do in nursing practice revolves around my patients. I believe that nursing is all about empathy and compassion. We must work hard to understand what clients want and expect the moment they enter the hospital. At the same time, we should not disregard the importance of formal continuing education and regularly update our knowledge and skills.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

Metaparadigms of Nursing
In this personal nursing philosophy, I want to discuss the four metaparadigms. It would be fair to say that they are the backbone of my philosophy. These metaparadigms are person, health, environment and nursing. To begin with, my nursing philosophy is completely person-oriented. It means that everything I do in nursing care and practice I do for people. I treat every person as a holistic personality with unique needs and expectations. At the same time, I believe that every person is integrally linked to his or her environment. This is why environmental variables must always be considered when I am developing a therapeutic plan for the patient.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

Now it is health that deserves attention. I perceive it as a dynamic state of being. It constantly changes in response to external and internal factors. It is something more than simply a life without pain. It implies wellness, excellent wellbeing, ability to cope with advanced tasks, and outstanding quality of life. In this sense, nursing is the provision of timely medical and emotional support to patients who face a decline in wellness and quality of life due to illness. I believe in the centrality of the nursing process in every aspect of nursing care. I also feel that the success of nursing depends on my ability to interact with patients, understand their values, and incorporate them into nursing therapies.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

Personal and Professional Development in Nursing Essay – The Nursing Process
The nursing process is another valuable aspect of my personal nursing philosophy. As mentioned previously, every patient comes to the healthcare facility bringing his unique values and experiences with him. The nursing process is a systematic effort to streamline the delivery of effective nursing interventions to patients. It has been particularly effective in reorganizing the process of care in ways that address the needs and expectations of every client.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

We have a false belief that nurses work independently to cure patients’ ailments. In reality, every nurse is an integral component of a broader system. Nurses’ responsibilities are not limited to the provision of patient-centered care. Nurses should also consider the needs and expectations of family caregivers. In this context, the nursing process is one of the best ways for a nurse to create a welcoming caring environment and ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are addressed. The first stage of the nursing process is evaluation or assessment. The nurse should take some time to gather all information and evidence about the client. The second stage is diagnosis. A nursing diagnosis is holistic and multifaceted. It is not enough for nurse to say that the patient has cancer. It is also important to consider emotional stress, loss of workplace productivity, family issues, and so on. Once the diagnosis is made, the nurse can go on to develop a therapeutic plan.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

This is the third step of the nursing process. The nurse outlines measurable therapeutic objectives for the patient. These should be short- and long-term. For example, the long-term goal is to reduce the frequency of recurrent symptoms in asthma to one or two per week. A short-term goal is to ensure strict compliance with the medication regimen, according to the plan developed by the nurse. Then the nursing process is implemented. The nurse gathers information to monitor and measure its progress and results.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

Personal Nursing Philosophy as the Foundation for Excellence in Nursing
Everything I do in nursing practice is based on compassion and care. Actually, this is one of the reasons why I have come to the nursing profession. As long as I remember myself, I wanted to give my strength and provide my support to those who needed it. With time, I have learned that I had to expand the scope of my philosophy to address not only physiological but also emotional and mental health needs of my clients. For example, every patient who is diagnosed with cancer faces serious emotional and life dilemmas. They expect that someone will be there for them to comfort them, as they are trying to get used to their diagnosis. I am ready to go an extra mile and create a climate of comfort and trust for every patient. I am never in a hurry. I am always there for my patients. They need me, and I am ready to listen to them attentively. Sometimes, it takes hours and even days before patients can acknowledge that the health problem exists and it needs to be addressed. Sometimes, patients have hard times realizing that their diagnosis will have serious effects on their lives. Our society is still so prejudiced toward people with acute and chronic illnesses. I do everything I can to support patients in these difficult times and empower them to make reasonable and relevant choices that will help them improve their health and wellbeing. I view myself as a person who is eager to make a small contribution to the creation of a healthier and wealthier society. My mission is to serve, and I constantly update my knowledge and skills to be fit for this purpose.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

Advantages and Drawbacks
Like everything else in this world, my philosophy of nursing has its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, I have unique skills and distinct capabilities, but I also have numerous vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Of course, it is my strength and perseverance that have empowered me to become an advanced nurse practitioner, an expert in my field, and a recognized professional. I believe that self-confidence has always been at the heart of my major accomplishments and achievements. I always knew that I could achieve the best heights. However, I also exercised severe self-discipline. I always knew that I could achieve the most ambitious goals if I disciplined myself and fulfilled all obligations and functions in a professional and ethical manner. At the same time, I gradually evolved to learn more about my weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This has one of the critical aspects of my personal evolution to become an advanced nurse practitioner. For example, I am quite open with other people, including my patients and their caregivers, but the world is so competitive that it does not welcome openness and transparency. As a result, I face misunderstandings, and some people openly criticize me for being particularly honest with them. Nevertheless, I cherish every single moment of my engagement in the nursing profession. I value the contribution made by other practitioners to my career and continuous growth. I am truly blessed to be a part of this unique human profession.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper

The nursing profession continues to evolve, facing new challenges in the 21st century. However, it is with the help of advanced nurse practitioners that the society in the millennium can successfully overcome the most serious barriers to health. Every nurse is in a position to build self-awareness and create a comprehensive philosophy that will guide his or her actions. In fact, it is self-awareness that often becomes the starting point of one’s evolution to become a competent nurse practitioner. Because nurses work with diverse patients, they should first understand the values and principles that guide their own decisions and practices. This paper was designed to revisit the key components of my nursing philosophy and its contribution to my professional and career growth. My philosophy brings together the four metaparadigms and takes the most valuable insights from other nursing philosophies. I am sure, this philosophic analysis can help me better understand my purpose, mission, and goals. It can also inform my decisions and practices as I seek to serve the health and wellness needs of my patients. Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Paper