Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

During Modules One and Two of this course you have refreshed your understanding of the terms “philosophy” and “science”. This knowledge is then applied to the philosophy of science in nursing. Course readings provide the foundation for your reflection on your worldview or lens informing professional nursing practice. From a historical perspective, Florence Nightingale’s nursing work continues to provide significant influence in creating nursing knowledge, cultures of safety, and nursing’s call to improve the health of the community. What is your philosophy of professional nursing practice?  Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay.What is your perceived view of nursing? What are your enduring values that brought you to nursing? How do you describe patient, health, environment, and nursing? How does this worldview influence your nursing care? Has your worldview of nursing practice changed as a result of your nursing experiences? The following criteria are used to assign points to Assignment One: Discuss your own philosophy of professional nursing practice. What influences may be aligned with the work of Florence Nightingale? Incorporate topics from readings and exploration of course and other scholarly resources. Include introspective discussion and remarks that demonstrate your individual lens describing the practice of nursing. The written philosophy of nursing is presented in a well-organized thoughtful paper. Include external scholarly resources to support your position. Paper is written in APA style without grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Length of paper should be 3 – 4 pages (body of text). Length of written discourse does not include the title page, figures, diagrams or reference pages.


What is your philosophy of professional nursing practice?

My philosophy of nursing outlines my beliefs, ethics and values, as well as the motivation for pursuing the nursing profession. My decision to pursue a nursing career is informed by the desire to help others. My philosophy is that nurses have the responsibility of providing patient-centered, holistic and safe care. This requires that I remember patients are not simply numbers and statistics of medical conditions, but as unique individuals who might have differing health care needs. Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay.  In addition, I perceive the provision of nursing care as not simply the action of treating ailments. In fact, it is the action of helping and guiding patients to become independent even as they gain health and wellness. Besides that, practicing as a nurse involves applying knowledge, skills and experiences to the patients’ wellness and recovery while striving to act as an advocate, educator and promote of good health practices and disease awareness. In practicing as a nurse, I am pursuing a honorable career that goes beyond earning a paycheck and doing a job as I am providing much needed services that constitute a need rather than a want (Moran, Burson & Conrad, 2020).

What is your perceived view of nursing?

My view of nursing has been informed by Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern day nursing care. She shifted the understanding of nursing from the simple actions of administering medicine, to the complex actions of leveraging the environment to improve health and wellness. I have a similar view of nursing and think that administering medicine is only one of the important functions of nursing. Leveraging the environment is another important function since nurses should ensure that a patient has the proper diet, cleanliness, temperature, air and light to facilitate speedy recuperation with minimal sequela. Besides that, nurses must have the desire, sympathy and compassion to provide care to patients from all demographic backgrounds (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2020). Nursing must be able to provide care for the rich, poor, different social classes, and different ethnicities without regard for the patients’ background. Similar to Nightingale, my view of nursing is oriented towards the environment as I believe that health and wellness are influenced by interactions between the internal environment (within the patient’s body) and external environment (outside the patient’s environment). Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay. Through providing medication, the nurse influences the internal environment then makes changes to the external environment in order to support the patient in recovery. Also, nurses work alongside and in collaboration with other medical personnel to provide medical care thereby identifying nursing as having a supportive and additive effect in health care delivery as it is one of the professions providing medical care (McEwin & Wills, 2019).

What are your enduring values that brought you to nursing?

There are seven enduing values that brought me to nursing. The first value is trust in terms of being honest with practice and words. In being honest with patients, nurses are able to gain their reliance and trust thus gaining the ability to better understand their status and situation while developing the appropriate care that conforms with the patient. The second value is sympathy. This allows nurses to understand and address the needs of patients and provide care based on fair communication. The third value is professional and individual competency. This allows nurses to experience career growth in the direction of professional advances and technologies even as they acquire up-to-date knowledge and promote clinical skills that allow them to provide comprehensive and holistic care. The fourth value is human relationships as the provision of nursing care is based on reliance, trust and respect which are accompanied by privacy and confidentiality. Nursing practice should be honest in practice and words, sympathetic, understanding, friendly and courteous. The fifth value is responsibility as concerns commitment towards providing the best possible medical care that promotes health and wellbeing. The sixth value is altruism as concerns self-devotion and selflessness in presenting health and wellness. The final value is social justice that considers individual respect and dignity while promoting the right to fair treatment and access to health services (Raingruber, 2017). Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay.

How do you describe patient, health, environment, and nursing?

The patient is the individual who receives health care. Every patient is a complex and dynamic being whose interactions between the internal and external environments influence health and wellness outcomes (Butts & Rich, 2018).

Health refers to the ability to be well and use every power available. Persons in ill health will be unable to use every power they have, such as being unable to walk because of a hurting knee or being unable to chew because of a broken jaw. It is important to note that health does not only refer to being well, but also involves preventing disease and promoting health (Butts & Rich, 2018).

The environment refers to any feature that can be manipulated to influence health and wellness. It has spiritual, psychological, social, cultural and physical components. The spiritual components include understanding of God and origin of mankind. The psychological component includes relationships with others. The social component includes the established structures in the society. The cultural component includes background and upbringing. The physical component includes air, ventilation and temperature (Butts & Rich, 2018).

Nursing refers to the deliberate actions intended to assist nature in improving health and wellness. It involves treating illness and promoting health. In addition, it involves manipulating the environment to provide optimal conditions for the patient (Butts & Rich, 2018).

How does this worldview influence your nursing care?

The worldview has influenced my understanding of nursing care. I now understand that nursing care is not linear with only the patient receiving care from the nurse. Rather, it is multidirectional. Nurses are responsible for initiating a mutuality of care whose outcomes has implications for both the patient and nurse. Even as the patient experiences improved health and wellness, the nurse also becomes more fulfilled in practicing personal values (Raingruber, 2017).Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay.  Besides that, the best care outcomes can only be achieved if the patient is able to assist and corporate with the nurse to leverage the environment in helping the nurse. In all these, the primary responsibilities of the nurse are to assess the situation of a patient, identify a need, present and implement a care plan, reevaluate the situation, and change the care plan to better address the needs of the patient. These responsibilities are repeated as often as necessary until the desired wellness and health status are achieved. In addition, nursing care can only be optimized if the nurse is always learning by acquiring current knowledge and skills (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2020).


Has your worldview of nursing practice changed as a result of your nursing experiences?

My worldview of nursing has changed as a result of nursing experiences. I now understand that I need more that the professional nursing knowledge. In an increasingly multicultural and diverse society, I am constantly being challenged to provide effective care to patients from different cultures, races, religions and other demographic differences. I have become more culturally sensitive and understanding that several cultural factors affect how I interact with patients. The cultural factors include belief systems, religious concerns, special health concerns and support structures. Overall, my experiences have shown me that cultural awareness may be as important as professional nursing knowledge (Truglio-Londrigan & Lewenson, 2018).


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