Personal Health» Essay Paper

Personal Health» Essay Paper


One of the personal issues important to me is physical health. Physical health is the proper functionality of a living organism. It is also the condition of personal mind and body being free from pain, injury, and illness. Good health helps a lot to members of family and community. When people have good health, they enjoy their life and live happily. In case of, diseases or injury an individual suffers both physically and psychologically, transferring the sufferings to other members of the family and community.Personal Health» Essay Paper


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Personal health is determined by individuals’ contacts and way of live. Some people expose themselves to dangers and suffer bodily harm in return. In schools, teachers teach people on how to live a life free of harm. Teachers promote awareness of good health. In case of injury or disease, an individual suffers psychologically, economically and physically.

Health is significant to family and the community. When all members of the family are healthy, the family remains happy. The family also saves money, which could have been used in medical expenses. A family with an individual suffering from certain deceases or an injury faces many challenges due to care provision. Health members take care of the sick one. They spent their time taking care of the person instead of doing other business.


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In the community, good health promotes the welfare. When all people in the society are healthy they work together to ensure progress. When people are healthy, they ensure the community has enough security, business continuity, and peace. In case of injury or disease community income decreases because some members fail to participate in daily work.Personal Health» Essay Paper

In conclusion, health is an important personal issue. People should promote health issues in the community, schools, and family. Bad health can lead to death of an individual. When the breadwinner dies, the whole family suffers psychologically, financially and physically.Personal Health» Essay Paper