Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.

Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.


Health and social care requires one-on-one interactions with patients and clients; therefore, the first impressions and how or rather the manner in which one interacts with their clients and patients matters a lot in the success of their work professionally as well as impacts an organization as a whole. Personal development, which captures personal values and principles, starts to build up when one is young and continues to an old age. Personal values are generally viewed as a variety of attitudes and beliefs that normally establish how a human being truly behaves, and they are being developed during one’s life. These values assist in modelling one’s professionalism or rather career, but the learning/experience parts help a lot in determining who one will be in the future career and in social scenes (Kotelnikov, n.d.).Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.


Comparison of Personal Values and Principles

In the fields of health and social care, an individual’s performance at work is to a great extent influenced by his/her personal ethics and principles. Since a social and health care occupation involves lots of interaction and communication with persons from diverse settings, it is vital for the care employees to become responsive and ethical. Uneven and inadequate care in this workplace is primarily delivered due to the failure to recognize the significance of individual principles of health care personnel. Responsiveness of one’s personal self plays a key role in developing individual personality and his/her social expertise (workplace wellbeing, n.d.).

Influence of Culture on my Role in Health and Social Care

I suppose that class is of more precedence than capacity. I am convinced that the association amid a client, who is the patient, and a nurse ought to be at all times client centred and for the best interest of the patient. It should be ensured that the essential requests of patients are being attended to. During our growth, we build up individual viewpoints. Every principle can undergo modification or alteration, and similarly, fresh values come up each time. I consider this phenomenon to be something that is of immense significant in life. Also, other people’s beliefs should be respected, and in no way one should impose their own values on others (School Of Education, n.d).Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.




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Reflecting on my origin, my motherland is extremely affluent in the field of cultural values and family bonding is very popular there. Asians care for everyone in a family manner, even friends do the same. This is the reason why the majority of Asians can make instantaneous associates. This makes us to be labelled as accommodative and sociable community as we are capable to relate with others without problems. Throughout my medical exposures, I have interacted with diverse types of public whom were from dissimilar cultural backgrounds, which means that they had different cultures. However, this has not caused any problems in my interacting with them as my culture has taught me how to associate with different people. Patients from different cultural backgrounds whom I offered medical services were in fact very grateful for the extensive care we gave them, up to the point of commenting that Asian nurses were the best in offering nursing services.Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.

The cultural principle that is universal in our group of student nurses is that of holistic care. Everyone strongly understands the importance of upholding such work ethics in social care giving; thus, we all have a tendency to carry on with the same spirit. As a result, our group was able to achieve much by offering clients maximum care, which, as they told us later, was missing in the organization as the fulltime nurses were not giving the intended care to the patients (Lombardo, n.d.).

Impacts of Changes and New Developments in Personal Values on Work in Health and Social Care

In life, there are a variety of changes that happen to human beings. Such changes also happen in personal values. These changes like differences in opinions, values, and attitudes may affect a given patient’s quality care either positively or negatively. It is extremely tricky to elude conflicts and continue in the acceptable manner. However, all negativity should be set aside while giving care. Thus, every healthcare employee has to become skilled in all communication techniques since this assists immensely when socializing with populace and helps in managing conflicts (Social Control, n.d.).

There are three different types of values which are thought to be vital as they help in keeping accord in life. These values include those of personal, cultural, and universal basis. For one to avoid conflicts, he/she has to have personal values that are harmonious to the universal ones. Therefore, a change in one of the values would affect greatly the way a person delivers social/health care. Similarly, new developments of those values have to be assessed beforehand so as to define what has to be developed, altered, or changed (School Of Education, n.d.).

Having thoroughly scrutinized my personal values, I have noticed a mismatch between my universal and personal values, whereby I can term it as a lack of cooperation. Everyone has problems in acquiring a specific value, particularly when the value is of a universal nature, since we are all individuals. It is extremely hard to acquire such association at once. However, at least being open to the thought and trying to get to know how to gradually incorporate it in oneself is quite helpful and can positively impact the way of delivering care. As a student nurse, I noticed a lack of a team working value, and I slowly incorporated it into my personality. This great change impacted me to a large extent, and my group members could not hide their delight when they noticed it (Sherman, 2011).Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.

Personal development always influences one’s professionalism or growth. Therefore, it is important for care personnel to take part in growth trainings and programs as well as to make personal assessments and monitoring occasionally. Self monitoring makes an individual attentive to every aspect that may act like distraction from the main goal, which helps to minimize overriding consequences of further factors that endanger personal and professional success (Sherman, 2011).

Preferred Learning Style and Current Skills

To a great extent, I have acquired a wide range of learning styles since my high school. Unfortunately, I was not aware of these styles while in high school but came to be familiarized with them only in college. I have learnt that they assist in developing self potentials and abilities. The learning styles that are of preference to me include: aural, visual, logical, and solitary. Solitary approach is paramount for me since I prefer comprehending and examining things in my own way. Logical skills or reasoning proved to be very effective since I joined the college. Critical thinking is another skill which is fully grown in me as everything I do has to be critically thought over. Interpersonal communication is a skill I acquired when I started interacting with clients. It is of great importance to have such proficiency as it enables me to relate well with the fellow co-workers, in this case nurse students, and also the patients. All these skills and learning styles help a lot when socializing with clients, be it in a hospital or in a social care centre (Perkins  & Wirth, n.d.).Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.

A Development Plan for Acquiring New Skills

A plan, or rather an individual advancement sketch, I have come up with is entirely based on personal abilities and skills in areas where enhancement is required simultaneously with its designed objective, measures, and results. Assessment is the section where a planner can reflect on the mark adjustments, observe growth, describe conclusion, and check out the efficiency of the plan.  Every piece of the table has an important function aimed at the attainment of the goal. Thus, if one part is removed or rather neglected, it will pose a challenge or even make it impossible to implement and understand the whole plan (Emelo, 2010).Personal and Professional Development in Health Essay.