Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Patient Experience Surveys Essay.


Watch the interview between the Registered Nurse and Mr William Taylor – Week 8 Course Recording. Mr Taylor is a 74 year old gentleman with a history of a fall 10 weeks ago when walking home from the shops and a second fall inside his home 4 weeks ago. Mr Taylor attended his usual medical clinic following both falls.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.



Write an essay on ‘the patient care experience and partnering in care’ and relate this concept to the patient experience of Mr William Taylor and partnering in care with Mr. Taylor.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

ESSAY WORD COUNT: 1200 WORDS (+/- 10%)

Essay Introduction (100 words approx.)

Include a thesis statement and provide a clear indication of the body of the assignment

Essay Body (1000 words approx.)

  • Define the patient-care experience, patient-family centred care and partnering in care and reflect on the importance of these three concepts to health care delivery and the patient care experience.
  • Provide a justification for using these three concepts to underpin the healthcare delivery for Mr Taylor.
  • Discuss the facilitators and barriers of Mr Taylor’s health-care experience within the health care system.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Identify and examine the organisational attributes and processes that would promote organisational change and staff practice toward patient-centred healthcare. Include discussion on how this patient-centred care would benefit people like Mr Taylor



The essay focuses on the concept of ‘patient care experience and partnering in care’. The experience of the patients within a care environment plays a pivotal role in determining the standards of the health services. Therefore, in order to provide the patients with effective care management partnering across wide healthcare networks and channels can be instrumental. The current study deals with a number of parallel aspects which fall under the same roof of ‘partnering in care and patient care experience’.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Some of the important points which have been highlighted over here are patient centred care, the involvement of the family members of the patients in the decision making and planning of the care processes. This provides sufficient autonomy to the patient and his respective family members along with maintaining ethical standards. The essay highlights the case history of Mr Taylor who is a fall patient and has been receiving care services at a local care centre.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

 Thesis statement:

The essay also emphasizes upon ‘partnering in care to provide optimum standards of care to the patient’.

Importance of patient centred care, patient family centred care and partnering in care on health care delivery

Patient care experience:

The optimum and effective standards of health care services are dependent mainly upon the inter-professional relationship between the care users and the support service providers.Patient Experience Surveys Essay. For effective exchange of vital information between the patient and the health care professional, a number of parameters need to be taken into consideration. Some of the factors which could play a pivotal role in assuring a positive and satisfactory patient care experiences are communication, speedy delivery of the care services along with long term care treatment for palliative and end-of –life care users. The communication aspect is very important in the aspect of speedy redressal of the health concerns of the patients (Barry, 2012). Additionally, sufficient skills possessed by the health care professionals also play a governing role in determining the standards of the care services. The palliative care could also be related to effective pain management. Thus, effective management of pain could be assured by providing sufficient training to the health care workers. Moreover, in order to ensure an effective communication within the healthcare setup an evidence based communication tool such as SBAR could be implemented (Mitchell, 2013).


The patient care experience serves as an important platform based on which the success or the failure of a medical set up can be guaranteed. The patient care experiences help in developing a deep understanding relationship between the health care professionals and the support services users. The patient care experiences have been found to place the care and support services users at the centre of the health care delivery process. The method helps in ensuring that individual care needs and concerns are looked after. Moreover, a positive patient care experience helps in raising the standards and bar of the care needs and requirements.


The case scenario here focuses upon Mr Taylor who is a fall patient and two repeated incidents of fall within a week. The present condition of Mr Taylor ensures that he has little control over his motor abilities and should be supported with a comprehensive care plan. A health care professional looking after the fall concern of Mr Taylor demands for the incorporation of light stretching exercises. The same could help him in gaining more control over his body and gain self autonomy.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Patient family centered care:

The family and patient centred care aim at delivery of care services based upon agreed terms between the patient, health care professional and the respective family members of the patients (Katon, 2010). The tailor made care services help in meeting with individual care needs and demands. The motto behind the implementation of the patient family centred care is to involve the family members of the support service users in designing of a comprehensive care plan (McCarthy, 2010). This places the patient and his respective family members at a suitable position where they are given sufficient autonomy to participate or dictate the aspect of decision making. This also justifies the aspect of informed decision making where the family members of the patients are made a part of the care designing plan which further helps in avoiding conflicts within the care environment.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Importance & justification

The patient family centred care helps in the provision of autonomy to the patient and his respective family to participate in the care plan and decision-making process. Thus, implementing the approach would help in the promulgation of shared interests by emphasizing upon the parameters of informed decision making and provision of autonomy to a patient like Mr Taylor and his respective families. With respect to the fall history of patients like Mr Taylor, the care professional would need to put Mr. Taylor on a comprehensive care plan with constant care and supervision. Therefore, the involvement of the family members of the patients can play an instrumental role over here.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Partnering in care:

The aspect of partnership in care is a strategy implemented within a health care set up, which puts the patients at the centre of the care delivery processes (Porter, 2010). The approach helps in providing equal autonomy and power in care planning and decision making to the patients, their respective family members and the healthcare providers.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Importance & Justification

In order to cater to the care concerns of patients like Mr Taylor effective partnership between health care channels is needed. Here, Mr Taylor needs to be put under a comprehensive care guide where nurses experienced in handling patients with similar fall history could be employed. Therefore, such partnering networks could help in speedy settlements of accidents and injuries suffered by old people due to fall and other intermittent factors.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Facilitators and barriers of health care experience

There are a number of factors affecting the healthcare experiences of patients within a hospital care setup. Some of the factors may act as facilitators of the health care processes rest as barriers. The factors such as awareness in the patients regrading their present health conditions along with the ability to self-manage their conditions can act as facilitators to the process (Harrison, 2010). On the contrary, factors such as lack of appropriate policies and procedures dictating the health care delivery processes along with inadequately trained staff can deter the process.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Attributes and processes in promoting organisational change

There are a number of factors which contribute significantly towards promoting a suitable organisational change. Some of the factors over here are the implementation of a patient centred approach along with the establishment of standardised frameworks and policies within the workplace. Additionally, implementation of electronic medical records can help in the effective management of health information system (Miles, 2011).Patient Experience Surveys Essay.

Moreover, for the process of bringing about a positive change within the culture of organisation collaboration between numbers of medical channels could be established (Anhang Price, 2014).  Therefore, sufficient staff training along with the exchange of information can play an effective role over here.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.


The current chapter focuses on the aspect of patient care experience and partnering and the importance of the same within a care environment. In this respect, a number of factors have been taken into consideration such as the patient care experience, patient –family centred care and importance of partnering in care. However, for the implementation of the approaches, sufficient awareness in the person regarding their present health condition along with effective support and collaboration from other health care channels can help in maintaining the standards of the care services.Patient Experience Surveys Essay.