Pathophysiology of Macrosomia Essay

Pathophysiology of Macrosomia Essay

Case Study 5
Case Study: Obstetrics
Scenario 2
Phillipa Hudson is a 29-year-old female presenting today at your clinic with a positive home pregnancy test. Her medical history is negative. Surgical history negative. Gyn history 1st menses age 12, with cycles coming every 28 days and lasting for 5 days. Her pap and std history are negative. She has been taking a woman’s gummy vitamin for the past year. Her OB history is
Date gestation outcome gender wt. anesthesia complications Pathophysiology of Macrosomia Essay


1-2011 6 TAB None
4-2014 39 Low forceps delivery male 8’14” epidural Gestational diabetes

5-2016 8 weeks SAB

8-2016 35 weeks female. 7’1″. epidural. di/di twins
twins NSVD Female 6’6”

7-2017 38 weeks SVD. male 8’10” local Gestational diabetes

Phillipa relates her last period (LMP) was 04-04-2022. She reports breast tenderness, fatigue, and nausea (which is what made her suspect she was pregnant). Pathophysiology of Macrosomia Essay

****episodic visit, there is NOT to be a full PE. Focus on the systems that correlate to your Chief Complaint. ****

Most likely differential diagnosis are: Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes mellitus, and macrosomia Pathophysiology of Macrosomia Essay