Opening a Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Essay

Opening a Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Essay

Pediatric clinics are meant to be child friendly and allay the fears of children about dentists. According to the NIH and the American Dental Association, children should make their primary visit to the dentist when they start teething. Children are at risk of developing cavities as compared to older people since they are prone to sleep with food in their mouths ( NIH, 1). A pediatric dental clinic will make it easier to cater to the children and their dental needs which in most cases are preventives and do not involve tooth extractions.
A pediatric dentistry clinic will be able to give children a place where they can be taken care of, taught about oral hygiene and how to take good care of their teeth. Opening a Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Essay. Most parents and caregivers do not take their children to the dentist unless there is a problem. Through pediatric dentistry clinics, parents can be told of the importance of regular dental checkups and how to take care of their children’s teeth. The challenge however is getting parents and caregivers to the clinic. Children under the age of five are usually taken to the clinic almost on a monthly basis, therefore a pediatric dental clinic should be set up in an immunization clinic or have an immunization clinic. This will enable pediatric dental practitioners to inform the parent about the importance of pediatric dental care. This will equip the parents and caregivers with the necessary tips on how to take care of their child’s teeth as soon as they begin teething. Dental caries normally affects children aged between 2 and 11. If care is not taken early on, this may progress and lead to tooth extraction in adulthood (NIH, 1).Opening a Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Essay.

Data collection in a pediatric dentistry clinic is usually through questionnaires and interviews conducted by the doctors or other clinic staff. Through interviews, pediatric dentistry practitioners can be able to generate data. This can be done by talking to parents and caregivers.


The reason I choose to become a Pediatric Dentist is due to my life experiences. Having healthy and strong teeth is essential when you are growing as a child. I grew up with limitations of health comprehension since my parents weren’t fluent in English. Since my parents worked long-hour shifts, my siblings and I didn’t care much about dental health. As a result, our dental structure was not good. Being a Pediatric Dentist allows you to recommend food choices or care to the patient and parent. My goal is helping the Latino community so every child gets to have a fair dental health. My dentist as a child serves as a model by which I aspire to be. She was an optimistic dentist that always made my siblings and I smile and feel well.Opening a Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Essay.  Once I become a Pediatric Dentist, I plan to carry her personality onto my patients. My motivation to pursue this field is the overwhelming need to inform medically underserved communities of the proactive steps they must take
With this in mind, they are able to give procedures for preventable diseases and strong dental health. As stated from Doctorly , some of the tasks a pediatric dentist is able to conduct are, “X-Ray scan, evaluation and diagnosis, routine dental check-cups, examination of jaw bones, gum tissues, and other systems related to the oral activity, and pre-evaluation of orthopedic treatment.” Pediatric Dentists are able to give advanced evaluation procedures since they are very knowledgeable in this area. Examples include the management and treatments for tooth or facial trauma injuries. Burns or incision accidents are some of the situations that fall under this category. As for patients of special needs, Pediatric Dentists are also certified to complete oral procedures for them. It is marvelous that a Pediatric Dentist is able conduct these tasks since many children are often
Pediatric Dentistry is a fantastic job for me because I adore children, the median annual wage is excellent, and dental hygiene is very preeminent to me.  Opening a Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Essay.I cannot envision a better career path for myself. I have always been a person who can interact well with children. In addition, I also enjoy the idea of being able to help children feel great about their teeth and smile. Being a dentist is much more to me than just cleaning a child’s teeth. It is also about boosting the child’s self-confidence by encouraging them to brush their teeth and take care of their smile
Pediatric Dentistry is a superb fit for me since I enjoy working with children. Dentists diagnose and treat problems with patients’ teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth,

In my opinion, I presume that the yearly wage is a miniscule factor in the reason I have chosen this career, the main factor is that I know I will enjoy becoming a pediatric dentist. Pediatric Dentists work very hard at their job. They must keep a child calm while there are intimidating instruments inside of the child’s mouth. Therefore, I believe one hundred and sixty thousand dollars a year is a well-deserved amount for a pediatric dentist.
Dental Hygiene is very important to me and has been since I was a child, this has influenced my desire of becoming a pediatric dentist. In a personal interview i conducted with Dr.Bills she informed me of this, “Dental Hygiene is emphasized by all dentists, we want our patients to have elegant white teeth and pleasant breath”(Bills). I would like to teach children the importance of keeping their teeth brushed so that they will have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Pediatric Dentistry is a superb fit for me because I care about dental health and I want children to know the importance as well. It is never too early for children to learn how important dental hygiene is.
Pediatric dentistry is an excellent fit for me, because I want to teach children that the dentist is a great place to get their teeth freshened up, and as a result, they will have a. 
Opening a Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Essay.