Occupational Safety and Health Administration» Essay Paper

Occupational Safety and Health Administration» Essay Paper


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an organization that has been set up for the purpose of regulating as well as promoting safety, health and the general well-being of workers. It is an obligation for every company to make sure that it always complies with OSHA regulations. OSHA requires that an employer trains his/her employees in aspects of both safety and health involved in the jobs they are engaged in (Brown, 2012). This is aimed at boosting accident prevention as well as improving their safety. There are also other OSHA standards which require the employer to limit certain jobs to only those employees with a certain level of special training either in or out of the place of work. The effectiveness of OSHA regulation is assured since the training requirements it stipulates for the workforce are based on the job at hand. Besides the ordinary safety and health trainings, there are those specific fields like construction, excavations and scaffolding where OSHA calls for extra training to be carried out (Brown, 2012). It thus can be recommended that employees be trained in every OSHA regulation applicable to his/her work environments so as to control, mitigate or eliminate probable hazards or exposure to likely injury or illness.Occupational Safety and Health Administration» Essay Paper


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In the assessment of a health risk, the employees and/or their representatives have their role to play. Consultation has to be made regarding arrangements for the organization of the risk assessment as well as for the appointment of the individuals to execute the task (Brown, 2012). Employees have to take an active role in assessing the risk and this may be through alerting the supervisor or the employer about perceived risks or reporting any alarming changes in the place of work. The responsibilities of the employers with respect to the risk may be offset in the event that the employees are prior informed of the risks to their health as well as the measures they would have taken to mitigate the risks (Brown, 2012).Occupational Safety and Health Administration» Essay Paper


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Undocumented employees are subjected to workplace discrimination with low-wages, inability to resist the demands of the employers, longer working hours and other bad employment terms and conditions. Business owners have a role to play in remedying this situation. Following the federal institution of anti-discrimination laws, the business moguls ought to push for implementation of the same (Wishnie, 2004). The anti-discrimination laws are geared towards deterring workplace discrimination and reinstating the debased workers to their positions. Besides bringing to halt the workplace discrimination, business entities are obliged to make an adoption of corrective measures, expand their recruitment practices and post notices aimed at preventing future discrimination. The above listed measures can be collectively referred to as injunctive relief which is further elaborated in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Businesses can alternatively instate or reinstate the federal employment discrimination laws (Wishnie, 2004).Occupational Safety and Health Administration» Essay Paper

Sweatshops, places of work where workers face hazards, difficult working conditions, poor pay among other ills, have continuously been the setting for abusing employees in the global marketplace. The effects of these sweatshops in U.S. can be remedied through various strategies. To begin with, the U.S.-based businesses can join hands with consumer watch groups; for example, Co-op America, so as to work for greater corporate responsibility and human rights (Wishnie, 2004). Another remedial action is the use of shareholder clout. Besides, these businesses ought to embrace fair trade, which ensures self-determination, healthy working conditions and fair wages to workers.Occupational Safety and Health Administration» Essay Paper