Occupational Health And Safety

Occupational Health And Safety

Though not being a health organization, Partek Company has very stringent and strict policies and rules related to the need to enhance high ethical and health standards. The company fully understand and appreciate the fact that employees are the most crucial and central organizational resource thus the need to efficiently and most effectively utilise them can never be overlooked. The company is fully committed to the existing health and occupational safety. Occupational Health and Safety Occupational Health And Safety

The safety of the staff, subcontractors, and visitors to the organization’s premises or within the project sites are fully safeguarded with the core aim of ensuring that their healthcare and safety is fully taken care of. Provision of safety protective garments, helmets, and other related clothing is a constant responsibility that is always fulfilled at the Partek Company. To enhance maximum security and safety, in-depth analysis and survey of the working site is always undertaken before the actual project can proceed.

This is crucial since it ensures that any possible health hazards are detected and corrective measures put into place. On the other hand, ones the safety mechanisms have analysed and various security loopholes identified, Partek always initiate various programs, through its team of technical expertise and partners, to ensure that all the possible security and health hazards are fully taken care of in time. Additionally, the senior company management has committed various crucial resources with the aim of ensuring that all the health and safety needs at the work station are adequately addressed.


Resources are allocated to the occupational health and measure of safety in order to ensure that the actual occupational standards and health mechanisms continue to be improved thus ensuring that the future safety needs and possible challenges are addressed in advance. Site Safety At Partek Construction Company, an occupational health and various safety (OH & S) strategy is used. The OH and S committee at the company aims to ensure that they indeed are in control in their effort to ensure that the necessary occupational health and W changes are fully implemented as per the requirements of the organization and stakeholders and shareholders.Occupational Health And Safety

The company’s OH and S committee helps, in their monthly meetings, to identify the various areas that deserve changes within the organization. Due to the operation and general business nature of Partek Company, site safety is always very critical and provision of any safety related information is always of paramount importance. It is evident that in the recent past, through the help of the employees on site, the senior management and the committee managed to identify various tools necessary to ensure that all the subcontractors and even employees are accorded the essential safety information needed while on site.Occupational Health And Safety