Occupational Health And Safety Management Essay.

Occupational Health And Safety Management Essay.

Social occupational health and safety practice

Develop systems for occupational health and safety management practice

Unit standard 5615

Assessment task 1

Audit of health and safety system and records

Your audit must include the following steps:

Accident records, policies, standards, job description, procedures, training records, manuals, inventories, hazard registers, any other health and safety systems used in your workplace.Occupational Health And Safety Management Essay.


Assessment task 2

Develop a plan for improvements to occupational health and safety systems

In this task you are required to use the results of your workplace health and safety audit to determine an order of priority for the improvement of systems. Once you have established the order of priority, you are to develop and document a plan covering all systems that have not met requirements.

Your plan must include:

The degree of compliance with relevant legislation and standards

Assessment of the significance of hazards

Cost-benefit analysis

Size and location of the workplace

Financial viability of the organization

Existing management systems

Commitment to ISO or other quality management

Your plan, including your proposed strategies and corrective actions, must be approved by your workplace supervisor or manager.

Strategy: to develop health and safety responsibility section in staff’s job description and contract.

Correct actions:

– review staff’s job description and contract,

-.find template in accordance with legislative requirements,

– Confirm with legal ad visor

-Complete health and safety responsibilities section into staff’s job description contract.

– develop a plan to address staffing numbers

-ensure all staff can manage stress well

-health and safety records on organization might be need to keep.

Health and safety act 1992

Duties relating to health and safety in employment, duties of employers in relation to hazards management.

How to identify the hazard:Occupational Health And Safety Management Essay.

a, every employer should ensure that there are in place effective methods for manage the hazard.

b, systematically identifying ex sting hazards to employee’s at work.

c, systematically identifying if possible before, and otherwise us, they arise new hazards to employees at work.

d, regularly assessing each hazards identified, and determine whether or not it is a significant hazards.

Strategies for the problem:

develop policies and procedures, health and safety responsibilities in the job description, how we develop things to do infection control, health and safety section in the fixed contract.

Promote health wellbeing in workplace, how we do that

Educate staff how to handle challenge behaviour

Ensure all identified hazard in organization avoided.

Evacuation: natural disaster, training records, document, fires, educate staff fire procedures, ensure staff all trained in fire day.

The company is small size that consists full time staffs and around 20 contracts. Due to the company is facing tough financial time and the feature of their service delivery, the strategy and corrective actions are considered as necessary and economic.

Cultural difference is taken inti account, because of most of staff are from overseas and have english as a second language. A introduction training may be hold if needed. It aims to ensure all staffs receive correct and adequate information about health and safety responsibility. In addition, if the english is difficult for some overseas staff understand, a translation copy could be given, furthermore, a training record is highly recommended as an evidence should the organization ‘s actions which follow the legislative requirements.Occupational Health And Safety Management Essay.