Occupational hazard(lower back injuries in carpenters) essay

Occupational hazard(lower back injuries in carpenters) essay

 The assignment should consist of
(i) A brief description of the industry, processes, tasks, equipment and workgroup (up to 500 words).
(ii) An overview of the nature of the hazard and the potential health effects which may arise from exposure, as described in the scientific literature. (up to 500 words)

You must outline the strategy you adopted in searching the literature (up to 200 words)


(iii) How the risk is assessed. (up to 500 words)
(iv) The practicalities of controlling the hazard. (up to 500 words)
(v) A critical overview of the problem e.g. In your opinion, are problems such as these being assessed and managed adequately at present? What research, if any, is called for? (up to 300 words)
(vi) References. Presented in standard format. e.g. Author, Date.

The assignment should not exceed 2500 words in length (excluding tables, figures and references).
You should aim for 2000 words.

 Important: This assignment is designed to promote your understanding of how to do a rapid search of the scientific literature, interpret exposure levels in relation to standards and how to write a report of a professional standard. It is expected that students will have already conducted a search using Medline (PubMed) or Scopus.

Higher marks will be awarded for depth rather than breadth. It is also more interesting for the reader. The more specific you can be about the problem in a particular context (including your own perspective if it is your workplace) the better.

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Occupational hazard(lower back injuries in carpenters) essay