Obstacles or Barriers to Implementing EBP in Nursing Essay

Obstacles or Barriers to Implementing EBP in Nursing Essay

What are some of the obstacles or barriers to implementing EBP in nursing? Provide a rationale for your answer. Since there are numerous topics on the issue, it is not appropriate to repeat one that has already been mentioned unless providing new information. I live in Texas, El Paso I have been working with Diabetes 1 and continuous glucose monitoring I also am a nurse coding consultant. If possible can you find something unique and to my area.

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is very important in ensuring the provision of quality patient care because the best available and valid research evidence is used (Black et al., 2015). However, various barriers hinder the efficient implementation of EBP.


Lack of time and the appropriate skills are major obstacles to the implementation of EBP. Obstacles or Barriers to Implementing EBP in Nursing Essay. Lack of time to implement EBP is due to the heavy workload and tight schedules for the nurses. Therefore, nurses may not get time to participate in EBP. A study conducted by Khammarnia et al (2015) indicated that a shortage of nurses and lack of time to conduct research and read literature hinder nurses from participating in EBP programs. Lack of skills and inadequate proficiency to use computers and the internet are also obstacles to EBP. According to Khammarnia et al (2015), the inability to use access and use the internet and access library with nursing journals was a major hindrance to the implementation of EBP.

Resistance to change is also a major obstacle to EBP. Changing culture or a certain practice in healthcare can be challenging because nurses may prefer doing things the way they have always done (Tappen et al., 2017). For example, nurses may resist adopting a certain EBP such as continuous glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes, because they are used to teaching patients about self-monitoring of blood glucose levels, and may not be interested in learning skills used in operating the devices used in continuous glucose monitoring. Obstacles or Barriers to Implementing EBP in Nursing Essay.


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