OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.

OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.


Healthcare services are very important in today’s time as they aim to improve the health conditions of human beings. Healthcare is basically the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, mental impairments, and to cure the injuries in humans.OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.


The healthcare service providers across United Nations is directly associated with curing of the nation’s population and at the same time, it also requires government’s adequate support and also the public and private development resources to function effectively. Healthcare organizations exist in the form of hospitals, ambulatory care and long term care facilities. These organizations aim to provide highest level of care to the patients in various forms such as curing their diseases, illness etc. Thus, in ensuring the national healthcare delivery, there are various factors that are to be considered and adequate support is also required from the government as well as private and public sources.OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.            In this paper, the focus is on identifying the basic parts of healthcare organizations and also includes a deep analysis of the important characteristics of hospitals, ambulatory care and long term care facilities. Along with this, the paper also includes a comparison of these provider types and the role and credentials of administrators with that of those delivering health services in these organizations. Finally, the findings from the entire analysis are concluded in the conclusion section of this paper.OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.

Basic Parts of Healthcare Organizations

            With respect to the basic parts of healthcare organizations, Thompson (2003) indicated that an organization has various independent parts and a proper coordination and integration between all such parts is needed in order to ensure the effective accomplishment of any organization’s goals. The parts of the organization are ultimately embedded within various larger systems – institutions as well as groups of organizations for the basic environment for the healthcare organizations. There is highly complex system of interdependence within the healthcare organizations and if mismanaged, they are also characterized by large and turbulent environments (Thompson, 2003).OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.As far as the healthcare organizations in US are concerned, most of them are comprised of various service components and these components are directly affected by a large number of factors such as culture, geography, finance, and other factors that helps in determining the availability and effectiveness of those services. The main purpose of healthcare organizations is to provide care services ranging from simple uncomplicated events that necessitates lower levels of implication of technology, personnel and facilities to that of highly complex services that necessitates skilled personnel, technology equipped hospital infrastructure and high class infrastructure (Winston, Stevens, Loudon, Migliore and Williamson, 2012).OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.

The various services of healthcare organizations can be classified as emergency medical services, health promotion and disease prevention services, ambulatory care for medical situations and conditions, ambulatory care for dealing with extremely complex conditions, services for social and psychological condition, long term care, rehabilitation services, pharmaceutical services and dental care. These are the major components of healthcare organization. The integration of all these services comprises an organization as healthcare organization and these parts are essential from the perspective of providing higher level of care to patients (Winston, Stevens, Loudon, Migliore and Williamson, 2012).OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.

Characteristics of Hospitals, Ambulatory Care and Long Term Care Facilities

Hospitals, Ambulatory Care and Long Term Care Facilities are important parts of the organization that is concerned with the delivery of care facilities to patients suffering from various kinds of health related problems. However, the specific nature of hospitals, ambulatory care and the long term care facilities are discussed as follows:OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.Hospitals: Hospitals are complex organizations that comprises of various different groups including administrators, governing body, medical staff and non medical staff. Each of these groups have different priorities, as the main governing body is concerned with taking strategic actions and goals whereas the administrators are responsible for ensuring that the desired goals as set by the governing body, are successfully achieved. The medical staffs are responsible for admitting patients and providing them treatment whereas the non medical staff assists other departments in providing effective care to the patients and to provide timely help to the doctors and other staff. Hospitals are therefore regarded as institutions that comprises of various staff that aims at providing care to patients suffering from the various kinds of health related problems.OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.

  • Ambulatory Care: Ambulatory care is another kind of major institutions which aim at providing care services to patients. It is a kind of personal health care consultation, treatment or intervention that is provided by the application of advanced technology and procedures which is done on an outpatient basis. In this type of patient care service, the patients are admitted in the hospital or the clinic since the patient registers with the hospital till they are discharged. There are various kinds of treatments that become possible in ambulatory care including the major surgical and medical procedures. The delivery of ambulatory care service can be performed across clinics, hospitals and also across non medical institution based settings (Mengel and Schwiebert, 2009).
  • Long Term Care Facilities:OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay. Long term care is an important ways of meeting the medical and non medical needs of people that suffer with the problem of chronic illness; disability etc and to those who are not in a position to take care of themselves with day to day activities. The major types of services that are usually included in case of long term care are custodial and non skilled care in the form of normal daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, or using the bathroom. In providing the long term care, the expertise of skilled professional is required in order to ensure that the most chronic conditions are addressed effectively. The need for such long term care facilities is generally identified generally with old age people and these services can be availed at homes as well as also at nursing homes. Senior citizens are mostly prone to long term care facilities (Prattm, 2010).OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.

Comparison of Statistics between Hospitals, Ambulatory Care and Long Term Care Facilities

            According to the statistics about hospital, ambulatory care and long term care facilities, the analysis revealed that all the care providing institutions are a major source of providing employment opportunities in the US economy. According to the data reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on March 9, 2012, it is identified that the job growth in the healthcare sector was tremendous and increasing in 2011. As per the statistics, hospitals, long term care facilities and other ambulatory care settings have added around 49000 new jobs in February 2012 which is significantly higher from that of 43300 new jobs created in January (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). In addition to this, the 2009 US per capita healthcare cost amounted to $ 9217; professional services were 29% and hospital care were 27% as indicatedComparison of Role of Administrators Delivering Services in these Organizations

            The administrators delivering care services across all these organizations have diverse role to play because of different ways in which care is being provided in these care delivery organizations. For instance, administrators in case of hospitals are responsible for handing the day to day operations and their control over decision making is least and the main concern of an administrator in hospital is to ensure that the daily activities are maintained in a proper manner (Heshmat, 1993). The role of administrators in case of ambulatory care is slightly different, in which they are not required to address the concerns of patients which are to provide them services on 24 hours basis.OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay. The administrators in case of ambulatory care has close proximity with that of the executives and the majority of the care as provided is in clinics, outpatient departments and urgent care centers. The role of administrators is therefore to coordinate with the executives and the clients in assisting them in availing the services of care in a most effective manner. Apart from this, with respect to the role of administrators in case of long term care, it is considered to be the toughest among all the available care settings, as in case of long term care, administrators are required to provide 24 hours services to patient, as the patient is not in a position to take care of his/her own health conditions (McConnell, 1993).OB assignment on: Healthcare services Essay.