Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper

Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper


Nutrition is the provision of essential materials to organisms and cells in order to support life. High quality nutrition is essential to ensure elimination of common problems associated with unhealthy diet (University of Illinois, 2011). According to research, it is evident that health problems results from unhealthy eating habits of individuals. Science of nutrition aims at analyzing how the human body breaks down food substances, how it repairs, and creates cells and tissues through metabolism. In addition, it analyses how an individual’s body responds to food substances consumed. Indeed, it is worth noting that health problems results from unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, it is essential that individuals’ analysis of whatever they consume is critical to ensuring the elimination of health problems. Results of unhealthy eating encouraged me to analyze my eating habits and proportions of different nutrients intake over 24 hours. Therefore, the aim is to provide a report reflecting my intake of food. In addition, it will outline the cultural influences and my personal plans aimed at maintaining and improving the quality of my nutrition.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper





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Literature Review

Nutrition analysis refers to the determination of foods and food products’ nutritional content. There are several methods that an individual can employ to analyze nutritional value of foods taken. Such methods include laboratory analysis, outline nutrition analysis, software analysis, and turnkey analysis of nutrition. According to research by a majority of nutritionists, an individual should take a maximum of 2000 calories per day (University of Illinois, 2011). The total fat content should amount to 1 gram that amount to 1%. The content of saturated fats should be 1 gram, which contributes to 1%. An individual may decide not to have any content of trans fats in preference for saturated fats. In addition, nutritionists claim that colostrums are harmful to health, therefore, one should try as much as possible to avoid consumption of foods with colostrums. This shows that an individual should have 0 milligrams that equal to 0% of colostrums content in food per day.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper

Sodium is essential to health. However, it should be at a minimum level of 7 milligram, which amounts to 0% of the entire food content. Carbohydrates are also essential. The recommended intake of carbohydrates in an individual’s meal in a day should add up to 36 grams, which is 12% of the entire daily food intake. Dietary fiber is the most essential component and should add up to 11 grams of an individual’s meal in a day. Fiber alone should add up to 45% of an individual’s diet. Sugar and proteins should add up to 6 and 13 grams respectively. Vitamin A should equal to 1%; vitamin C should equal to 1%; calcium should equal to 4%; and iron should be 24%. These statistics are based on 2000-calorie diet of a healthy individual. However, it can vary depending on the calorie needs of an individual. For instance, diabetic, hypertensive, and individuals with chronic diseases have varying levels of sodium intake.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper


In a research, an individual can use primary or secondary sources of information. Primary sources of information involve the collection of first hand information from the field. This involves the use of observation, interviews, and questionnaires. On the other hand, secondary sources of information are books, articles, newspapers, journals, and electronic database among others. As a result, an individual has an option to either use primary or secondary sources. In this paper, information was obtained from both primary and secondary sources. This is because I recorded own intake of food substances for a span of 24 hours, and subjected them to nutritional analysis. In addition, research done by other nutritionists is essential for comparison purposes. It also sets a standard level of food intake that is healthy to an individual.

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Data Analysis

Based on the analysis of my food intake contents, it is worth noting that a majority of nutrients are within the normal level. According to the standard level, it is essential to take up to 2000 calorie, and in my case, I take an average of 1147. This is healthy because it is not more than the standard amount and at the same time it is not too low. However, the protein content is high compared with the standard amount of 13 grams and the target amount of 46 grams. The content of 49 grams which I take is harmful because it is capable of causing heart related diseases.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper

The most appropriate amount of carbohydrates according to the standard requirement is 36 grams. In my case, I take an average of 160 grams while the maximum allowed is 130 grams. It is essential to note that high level intake of carbohydrates leads to obesity and hypertension. Therefore, it is necessary for me to reduce the intake of carbohydrates to at least 36 grams as majority of nutritionists recommend.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper

The recommended dietary fiber content is 11 grams which corresponds to the amount taken in my case. However, bearing in mind the high content of proteins and carbohydrates in my diet, it is essential that I take high level of dietary fiber. Therefore, it is worth noting that in my diet the content of dietary fiber is low.

The recommended content of fat is 1 gram that equals to 1%, but in my case, I take up to 28% (Jumpsite, 2011). This is also harmful to health because it contributes significantly to heart failure, kidney failure, and obesity. In my diet, the amount of majority of vitamins and minerals is somewhat low. This may be harmful to life, because inefficient intake of micro and macro elements contributes to a majority of health problems.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper


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Indeed, it is worth noting that the nutritional content of my food intake does not correspond to the desired standard. This is due to high concentration of some contents compared with others. For instance, the amount of carbohydrate and proteins I consume is big. Such high concentrations are capable of causing heart failures, kidney failures, diabetes, and obesity among other diseases. Despite the fact that the calorie content is not above the limit, the proportion of macro elements does not correspond to the desired standards by nutritionists (National Cancer Institute, 2011). It is essential to ensure that even when the amount of food consumed is within the limit, the intake of macro elements should be proportional. This is important to ensure that all the nutritional elements are consumed to avoid health problems resulting from imbalance. In addition, balance in foods content helps ensure that absence of dietary associated diseases.


In nutrition, it is essential to have a nutrition plan to ensure that an individual eats a balanced diet and undertakes regular exercises to stay healthy. Today many people are concerned with weight loss and attempt to lose pounds. Therefore, some of them come up with unhealthy eating habits with the intention of losing weight. Despite the fact that it is essential for obese people to loose weight and keep fit, it is even more vital to be healthy. At times, individuals decide to starve so that they can lose weight by very fast (National Cancer Institute, 2011). However, these behaviors most often lead to more health related diseases. In my case, I eat sufficient amount of food and make sure that I do not go beyond the desired amount of calories. However, the problem of the imbalance in the composition of nutrients still remains. In nutrition, it is essential to ensure a balance of calories coming from proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This is essential because, even if an individual does not go beyond a standard limit but the content of elements in the food is un-proportional, health problems will appear. It is essential to bear in mind that it is not necessary to reduce calorie intake or to eliminate harmful fats to have the best nutrition. The best nutrition for individuals starts with searching information and developing knowledge on the appropriate contents of food substances to reduce weight. It is from nutrition analysis that somebody can understand the variation in weights by individuals.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper


To sum up, nutrition analysis is an essential tool for remaining healthy and keeping track of nutrients intake. It is necessary to remember that eating habits, lifestyles, work schedules, genetics, and activity level have a significant impact on an individual’s weight and health (Dietetic Association, 2011). One of the milestones of being healthy is an adequate calorie intake. Moreover, based on standards set by a majority of nutritionists, it is essential to regulate not only the content of calories taken, but also proportion of sources where those calories come from.Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper

In most cases, people have unhealthy eating habits where the concentration of calories does not match the standard limit. For instance, in my case, despite the fact that the amount of calorie is within the set 2000 grams, the content is un-proportional. There exists high concentration of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats compared with the content of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. As a result, such concentration can be harmful to health. Therefore, I intend to change my eating habits and include all the necessary elements and vitamins to my meals. Nutritional Analysis» Essay Paper