Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay.

Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay.


With the European region having a huge aging population, the continent experiences a huge life expectancy among its people. As time passes, many countries in Europe experience huge populations of older people. The long life expectancy has a negative effect on most individuals since they suffer from disability and ill-health towards the last fifteen to twenty years of their lives. Through the European Commission, the continent enjoys a program that looks into their health by adding at least two healthy years of their lives in the next five years. The program also looks at the relation of social, economic and behavioral factors to diet. Undernutrition among older individuals causes short life expectancy due to the aspect of micronutrient deficiency and malnutrition.Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay.


The supplements used by older people may fail to have a definite and effective impact towards their negative mental and physical health status. The older people should have a specific diet that complements their physical and cognitive health status. They should maximize their intake of the minerals and vitamins that come from natural foods. The report has a central aim of ensuring that it describes the contribution of healthy nutrition and diet towards boosting life expectancy. The report comes up with a summary of the treatment of diseases that arise from age-related illness through micronutrient supplementations. The evidence in the report does not provide certainty on the role of mineral supplementation towards treating cognitive and physical impairments among the aging individuals. The report highlights various gaps concerning the relationship between diets and aging (Tsz & Sandra, 2014). It looks at the most effective strategies that promote health messages to the elderly. It provides evidence that describes an approach to aging life-course. It gives ways through which the European Commission may use its program to enhance partnership that enhances the quality provision of the healthy diet to the older people. Poverty and inequity act as the main cause of malnutrition. Political actions act as the only strategies that cause social and political action through nutrition programs. Safety and adequate access to nutrition prevent individuals from contracting the chronic illness. Nutritional deficiency leads to the increase of infectious illnesses in the childhood and adult stage. A complementarity status occurs in terms of public approaches and policy priorities. The complementarity creates a relationship between programs and policies that have a focus to eradicate the chronic diseases and prevent diet and nutrition-related illnesses. Major integrated diseases and policies play an important role in lifting the disease illness. Countries budget for the health programs so that their citizens have access to better medical status and to prevent infection and deficiency.Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay.

All the countries develop a policy that enables them to combat deficiency and infectious status of their people. The countries that have high developing rates focus on coming up with programs that focus on eradicating chronic illnesses. They also use the programs to enable them to draw nutritional policy that remove deficiency from the foodstuffs consumed by the citizens. The third world countries fail to have adequate access to food due to social, economic and political challenges that they face on a daily basis. The countries also suffer from high level of illiteracy that enables them to have poor development and planning in all the sectors that have a relation to their economies. Such countries find it hard to come up with food policies that sustain the people for a long period. Mediterranean diet and health status Experts have confirmed that the Mediterranean diets have advantages when it comes to influencing life expectancy. The diet enables individuals to live long and healthy lives with the little aging illness. The analysis from the experts generates data concerning the topic of study through two meta-analyses conducted in 2008 and 2010 respectively. The analysis used several health causes to describe the role played by the Mediterranean diet towards morbidity and mortality. Further studies on the topic of study occur through a clear and concise literature review of published past meta-analysis.Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay. It gives a clear adherence to the past role played by Mediterranean diet through a quality diet indices. Wide longitudinal studies have come up with the usefulness of the measures created by Mediterranean diet. It relates the usefulness of the diet to health outcomes of the diet (Francesco, Claudio, Rosanna, Gian, & Alessandro, 2013). A good relationship exists between scores and mortality rates in many populations in the Mediterranean region. Nevertheless, the clinical implementation of the scores may not be generated due to the varying dietary behaviors that result from inadequate consumption of healthy and quantified food groups. The article review states that few studies have occurred on the Mediterranean diet to the health outcomes. They aim at the proposal of a definite score used both as an epidemiological tool and personal level. The aim of the review article focuses on study analysis on investigating scores that adhere to the health status and Mediterranean diet. The paper uses many studies that have taken place in the past. It uses the status of the Mediterranean diet in terms of their combination of different nutrients to form healthy outcome to individuals. The Mediterranean diet has a wide range of food products that have the high percentage of Vitamins and proteins. Most of the individuals that come from the Mediterranean region have a good mental and physical stature due to the type of foods they consume daily. Many of the studies have come up with an investigation of the many years that the Mediterranean foods have played towards understanding the status of the Mediterranean people’s health. The investigation develops a summary of the cut-offs to the diet. The major diet includes legumes with a consumption average of 36g/d. The average covers all the studies made on the topic of study. The Mediterranean has a difference from one state to another in terms of their preparation and consumption. The countries in the desert and those in the highlands have different types of foods that has a fundamental role in their culture. The investigation offers a large variability in terms of the analysis of the subjects.Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay.

The size of the study sample provides a wide contribution to the robust nature of the results in the analyzed previous data. The study came up with a calculation of the weighted medians and the double SD for the food groups. Rounding of the results provides a fundamental meaning for the estimates. The study uses research methods like the SPSS to analyze the individual and the organizational studies. The studies use a confidential interval of two-sided p-values that use random-effects model based on variance method. The study looks at the history of the people and the relationship they have developed towards their food products. It also looks at the diet distribution among the people depending on their age and classes.

Diet in relation Chronic Diseases Prevention

Through a meeting held by World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization in Geneva on 28th January to 1st February 2002, a work study occurred on nutrition and noncommunicable diseases in diet groups. The meeting resulted from a recommendation made by chronic illness and the reduction impact thirteen years. The meeting came up with the conclusion that the chronic illnesses resulted from the aspect of poor dietary measures. The occurrences of the chronic illness affect both the developing and developed countries. People have poor lifestyles that influence their life expectancy in a negative manner. The meeting made sure that it followed scientific approaches that came up with a sigh of progress to the different areas of chronic illness (World Health Organization, 2003). The meeting came up with a consultation that enabled the two organizations to come up with scientific confirmation that would enable them to update recommendations.Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay. The recommendations would influence the governments and international agencies to develop policies and strategies to improve the health status of their specific health status. They would use diet as a key strategy to improve life expectancy. The report comes up with an articulation of a new platform that looks at the human being as an organism with a complex relationship to the environment. The Human being requires good diet to eradicate chronic illness through the causative mechanism. The report looks at the diet in the context of macroeconomic impacts on public health through agriculture and international supply of fresh and processed foodstuffs. The diet plays a role in influencing the nature of genetic composition and structure. Diet enables individuals to have healthy mental and physical functioning. Diet also influences distress among individuals. People who have access to healthy food products have stable mental status. Consumption of vegetables and fruits have a fundamental role in the provision of nutrients in a diversified manner. Many parts of the world have a low frequency of consuming fruits and vegetation. According to different surveys made by the two organizations, only a few individuals have access to healthy fruits and vegetables. The consumption occurs in a capacity of 120-140 g on a daily basis. Most of the individuals that consume healthy diet have a habit of consuming roots and tubers. India and China have a wide variety of foodstuffs. They eat all types of foods that the west and other parts of the world fear. With the rapid economic growth of the two countries, the citizens have access to many types of foods. The chronic illness has increased with time, and it has become a global health phenomenon. Chronic health leads to approximately 79% of deaths in developing countries.Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay.

Most of the individuals that suffer from the chronic illness include middle-aged men. The illness begins at the fetal stage and continues into old age. It occurs differently depending on the nature of the environment that have associations to the health of individuals. The life-course approach focuses on eradicating fatal risks and offers many opportunities for the health consultation. The illness occurs in stages that include maternal environment, childhood stage, adulthood and older stage. The chronic illness may develop at an early stage when individuals fail to undergo the proper check. The people should ensure that they check their health from time to time so as to note their status. They should also note the type of food they consume on a daily basis.Nutrition And The Healthy Ageing Process Essay.